I had company this morning…

… I was visited by Jehovah Witnesses this morning, bless their precious little hearts.  They had to make the perilous journey past the statue of St. Francis and the bath tub Madonna before making it to the front door, only to find the likes of me on the other side.  

They asked me if I had a few moments to talk about Jesus. I said only if they had a few moments to talk about Catholicism. He wanted me to take his literature. I offered a trade. I gave him a copy of the Catholic News and Herald… then I told him the Blessed Virgin Mary wants him to go home. Only I said it really enthusiastically and probably kind of scary. And I kept repeatedly it. Even while he slowly backed away from the door… “Your heresy makes Baby Jesus Cry! Go home, go home to the Catholic Church! Your Mother in Heaven wants you to be Catholic!”  

I don’t suppose they’ll be bothering me anymore. 

I’m so glad I have friends to encourage this type of behavior.

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  • I keep copies of “Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth” around for just this purpose.

  • Absolutely love this! Have you ever heard Tim Power’s story of how he accidentally set a Jehovah Witness’ Bible on fire? He was debating them on his doorstep in sunny California. He has to use a magnifying glass in order to read and…


    BTW, my own approach to a JW at the door is to state (very sympathetically) “I have already examined your beliefs and have come to the conclusion that they are false.” I think they then have to consider me damned; they certainly never come back.


  • The first (and only!) time the JWs came to our house (so far, watch, they’ll come next weekend), they thought I was a teenager. At the time, I was close to 30. I laughed, then when they realized I was the adult in the home, started pulling out the Watchtower, etc. That’s when I said, “oh no thank you, have a nice day.”

  • “Your heresy makes Baby Jesus Cry! Go home, go home to the Catholic Church! Your Mother in Heaven wants you to be Catholic!”

    Love it, love it, love it! Don’t think it was effective evangelization, but I love it anyway.

  • daisy

    That’s aweome.

  • I remember encountering a group of moromn missionaries once, twice in the same week, oh what fun that was

  • Barb

    My dad has the habit of inviting them to dinner and debating with them. I think he managed to convert one to Catholicism in the process. I, on the other hand, open the door and don’t really say anything…just give them a puzzled look, as if they were the strangest people to ever grace my doorstep.

  • Christy Hampton

    The last time JWs came to my door I welcomed them in with open arms (I love debating) and I allowed them to read to me from their little book…only occasionally restating things in a more Catholic way (which they would nod too). Next time I made them tea and we continued the “they read and I correct on occasion”. Third time we exchanged conversion stories (I prompted them, then, when they finished, shoved mine in – they do not like to hear how others love Jesus).

    Last time I really began challenging questions (when was the great apostasy? When was the bible written? etc). The ladies practically ran from the house…with me trailing after them saying “don’t leave! please don’t leave! Jesus loves you! Come back anytime!”

    I tried…

    This is one religion I really think is a cult. No materials from other religions, no quotes from other writers, no listening to other people pray even. Perfect isolation in a prison of ignorance….it is so sad.

  • Captain Peabody

    I’ve only had a JW to debate once. She was an older African lady who spoke in a very heavily accented voice that made it quite difficult to understand what she was saying. She started out with a lot of gentle but somewhat incomprehensible stuff about depictions of heaven and resurrection in the Bible, until it finally dawned on me that she was trying to persuade me of the doctrine of “soul sleep,” which I thought was kind of a faux pas, so I asked her if she was a JW, and then started arguing with her about the divinity of Christ. She seemed surprised but actually kind of pleased to be getting this much interest from someone instead of having a door slammed in her face, and tried to bring up some counterpoints. Unfortunately, we didn’t get very far before our conversation was cut short by the fact that I had to leave for a swim meet, but she did try to invite me to attend a “Bible study” at her “church,” which I declined.

    She also had with her a teenaged American girl who stood awkwardly in the background the entire time and looked really uncomfortable. I felt sorry for her.

    But the long and the short of it was that I spent about forty minutes arguing, and didn’t get to eat lunch before going off to swim. Which was unfortunate.

  • Colleen Carter Duncan

    When I was a teenager, we had a few JWs and Mormons coming around pretty regularly, so my parents got a couple of copies of “Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth” and stashed them behind our holy water font by our front door. We never got a chance to give them out because the missionaries never came back.

  • Dan

    St Padre Pio would meet with anyone and talk to them, Protestants, atheists, pagans, but he would not meet with Jehovahs Witness and Mormons.

    One of my best friends when I was 18-23 became a JW and we could no longer be friends.
    I wanted to, but he said birthdays were pagan and also Christmas and Easter, not to mention me being Catholic, and the Bible and his JW “version” where completely different.

  • Karen in SC

    I read that a couple of them once visited Steve Earle. He invited them in and asked if it were true that only 144,000 people were going to get to heaven. When they answered yes, he asked, “Well, why are y’all out recruiting then?” End of conversation.

  • Patergary

    When JW came to our apartment, I opened just a crack of the door and told them “Me, Buddhist, speak no English, away. away.”

  • EegahInc

    Well, I was just going to link to this post, but then I couldn’t resist going a little further. Hope you can forgive me.