In case you ever wanted to go to Asheville NC, don’t! Unless you enjoy a day at the circus. In that case, it’s cheaper than flying to Berkeley…

… But don’t take my word. I got photographic evidence.

This guy reading Ayn Rand in the park - complete with ironic shoes and rat tail
A drum circle at every corner
This dude dressed as a nun and riding around outside St. Lawrence Basilica
And lastly, the official vehicle of Asheville.

Photos by Digital Hairshirt, from our weekend adventures. Occupy Asheville and Occupy Charlotte coming soon.

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  • Paul Catalanotto

    I worked a couple of summers in Brevard, NC. I’d go into Ashville every once in a while on my day off. I learned real quick how weird it was. Hippies were everywhere. Drum circles in abundance. A friend once described it to me as the Eastcoast San Francisco.

    At the time , when I lived in NC, they had a Wiccan mayor who would require the entire city to close early, and he would shut off all the lights in the town in order to celebrate some Wiccan feast day during the summer. Never believed it till one summer evening I saw signs on ever business saying they were closing early. After the closing time, the street lights were being turned off. I high tailed it out of there.

    Ashville does have a great pizza and micro brewery place, Barley’s. The town had a few micro breweries, all of which I enjoyed.

    Overall, The city scored high on the weirdness meter.

  • Sharon

    What is a drum circle? Tell me so that I will be the first person in Australia to know! lol

    Can you imagine requiring the whole area shut down for a Catholic reason! lol

  • doughboy

    sounds kinda fun, actually. i love people watching. saw the bumper sticker on that bug asking, “where the hell is wall drug?” nice to see that again. i used to be stationed on south dakota (where wall drug is) and the pilots of my squadron had a tradition: wherever they were TDY (temporary duty) or on sorties with our tankers, they’d take the wall drug stickers, and post them in public places.

  • JaneC

    As a native of northern California now resident in NC, I hope I’ll be able to make the trip to Asheville soon. It’ll alleviate my homesickness.