little know fact …

Canadian Geese are the Honey Badgers of North Carolina

Canadian Geese are everywhere in Charlotte, but apparently their natural habitat is wandering aimlessly through traffic and loitering at intersections, smugly daring motorists to hit them. Canadian Geese don’t care. Canadian Geese don’t give a shit.


Photo: Digital Hairshirt. *Warning: she swears more than I do.*

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  • Trad Dad

    Sorry to disagree lady but geese are squirty things — they do give a shit .

  • I think it’s typical Canadian Passive Agressive behavior.

    They cut in front of you as you are about to walk thru a door and say ‘sorry’.

    And now for the hate mail… (No, not all Canadians are passive agressive. But if your are ever in Toronto BE-AWARE!)

    And yes, don’t walk barefoot in an Ontario park in the summertime.

  • Bill Burns

    “Canadian Geese don’t give a shit.”

    The mess on the ground of our local park would prove otherwise.

  • LJ

    Um, they are called “Canada Geese”, eh?

  • CC

    geese are great givers of shit – just take a walk in any Toranna park!

  • The Canadian geese are a regular fixture at the local bird sanctuary, annoying little tykes

  • H. White

    The common name of the species Branta canadensis is “Canada Goose”. This does not mean that the goose is Canadian, in the way that I’m Canadian. It’s not an adjective.