so I joined a gym…

… Have you ever wanted to feel totally self conscious and miserable about your appearance? Join a gym. Nothing will make you feel frumpier than huffing and jiggling on a treadmill wearing paint stained sweat paints and a tattered t-shirt surrounded by bronzed and chiseled hard bodies.

In fact I felt so miserable the only thing that would console me was a box of doughnuts.

And what’s the deal with the wall to wall mirrors… like I really need to watch myself huff and jiggle red faced on a treadmill. And who is the architectural genius behind the completely windowed front of the building? Is that so people walking by can look at the pasty mess sweating on the stationary bike. My perfect gym is a windowless basement with dim lighting and no mirrors.

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  • Julie

    we are so lucky…75% of the people at our gym are over 60. They can still outrun me…but at least they’re not all buff!

  • my solution Kat was to go to gym in the early morning or late at night (I appreciate that as a parent its not easy to do that), far fewer people around and you probebly won’t be as self-concious.

    The other thing I did was to go in the middle of the day on my day off (during the week), again far fewer people around.

    Of course if the town/city you live is reasonably safe cycling to get fit can be cheaper, my bike cost the equivalent of $450 dollars nearly 3 years ago and costs roughly $40 a year to keep in reasonable condition (assuming you don’t need major repairs/upgrades.

  • Dan

    Consider getting a home gym.
    It eliminates the immodesty and self concious feelings, and it is right there.
    I have one, its great.
    Cheaper in the long run too.

  • Just focus on your workout, your health, and feeling better. Everything flows from that, including greater happiness with your appearance. People that are super looks obsessed in the gym are annoying as shit.

  • Go back. I belong to two gyms, go 7 days a week and don’t notice newbies. I do however notice people struggling to get fit and they totally get my respect. Get some cool gym clothes though. Just because. New ‘dry fit’ clothing is so comfortable. Spandex makes you look better in those mirrors (which I suggest you ignore). Just Do It! (and all that).

  • Tim

    Don’t most gyms now have the special women only rooms? There is one at my gym and no one seems to use it. It’s even got tinted windows so you can’t see in.

  • My feelings exactly!