Catholic Bling and Saintly Sisters …

… Dear readers, Catholic Bling is offering a 10% discount for orders using coupon code “CRESCAT”. I can attest to the quality and detail that go into their product. I received a very lovely skinny wrap bracelet and was quite pleased with the attention that went into it’s design. I imagine it took quite a bit a time to make.

Again, I encourage you to shop from local Catholic retailers whenever possible. It’s as convenient as shopping online at big chain retailers but goes to supporting worthier causes and real families.

In case you missed it, check out my 2011 Shopping Guide.

I’d also like to add Saintly Sisters to the list. Suzzanne Brakefield writes, “Saintly Sisters is a family owned and operated apostolate providing affordable nun dolls in the hope of sparking vocations. Our family recognizes the need for vocations to the religious life and the importance of actively reinforcing the possibility and beauty of a life of service to God in a young girls mind and heart. Growing up without actual nuns is a sad reality of many parishes. Saintly Sisters hopes that our nun dolls will help change this reality.”

They certainly are a refreshing alternative to those trashy brat dolls. Barbie’s looking quite the harlot these days as well.

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  • or if you’d like an 18″ nun doll (and want to help build the monastery for the Poor Clares): (scroll down to page 3). I bought one at the Eucharistic Congress & they’re super cute (and made out of the actual fabric their habits are made from!) They’re pricey but the dolls are Madame Alexander, so good quality…and it is a fundraiser ;o)