complete girly blather…

… Having just spent the last 4 hours working on this Friday’s column, I need a mental palette cleanser from all that thinking. I’ve found the best remedy for cerebral over stimulation is a little girly blather. Gentlemen, please avert your eyes.

The Irish accent was just voted the dead sexiest. And now here is a picture of Colin Farrell intensely staring.

H/T: Elizabeth Scalia.

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  • Shelley

    It’s a terrible shame, isn’t it, that he’s so terribly unattractive, poor man.

  • dlaviano

    God bless you for that.

  • JaneC

    Unfortunately, they failed to specify which Irish accent. Colin Farrell is from Dublin, but speaks much more clearly than most Dubliners. Cork men are completely unintelligible. And the whole “th” pronounced as “t” thing all down the western coast is not that cute (especially as it always makes me think of the priest who confirmed me, who was fat, old, and always had beads of sweat on his bald head).

    Colin Farrell and his accent are undeniably attractive. Still, I’d rather be read a bedtime story by David Tennant in his lovely Scottish accent.

  • Lola

    I always had a thing for Raul Julia. And kilts. Athletic and Smarts. So happy that somehow I got all those yummers wrapped up in my Lazlo. I have yet to get him to wear a kilt tho.

    My hope is for you the same.

    Not my list, but yours!