sometimes I wish people got as righteously indignant over killing babies as they do over killing kittens…

what bizarre times we live in.

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Ten Years is a Long Run…
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Ten Years is a Long Run…
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Ten Years is a Long Run…

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  • Did you notice that the cat’s owner was referred to as its “father”?


  • “Pearson said angry comments were removed because of their content: One called for the staff to be euthanized, while another said what happened to Scruffy was murder.”

    Seriously, people? Cat dies (justly or not) and you’re wearing sack-cloth and pouring ashes on your head like a bunch of North Koreans.

    But you’re hunky-dory with killing the staff? All of them? Or just those directly involved with this cat?

    People need to get a grip. The pound is full of kitties for this guy to take home. Sheesh.