St. Lucy, a class project…

… I’m such a good mom. Or a very bad procrastinator.

I was up till 2am this morning preparing today’s project for my son’s class. I hand drew and individually cut out 100 construction paper candles, 100 flames, 350 leaves in four different shades of green, and made 25 crowns to decorate.

I printed out a color image of St. Lucy, from the link above, on high quality photo paper and put it in a plastic protective sleeve, typed out the craft instructions, and wrote a nice 600 word explanation of the St. Lucy’s Day celebration and a bio of the saint herself. I also included a statue of St. Lucy from my own home.

I’ll be taking that Mom of the Year award now, thank you very much.

Did the kids appreciate my efforts? Were they interested in the craft I painstakingly sacrificed sleep for to assemble. No. Of course not. They wanted to see the statue with the eyeballs. They fought over who got to hold the statue with the eyeballs. They accused each other of hogging the statue with the eyeballs. Then they wanted to know whose eyes they were, since St. Lucy still had her eyes. They speculated and discussed …

“I bet they are the eyes of the guy who tried to force St. Lucy to marry him. I bet God knocked em out and gave them to her as a prize!.”

“No. They are the eyes of the judge that wanted her dead.”

“What’s a virgin?”


My work is done.

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  • Dr. Eric

    I think the story is that her eyes were gouged out, but that God restored them. Hence, the eyes on the platter and the ones in her head are both hers.

  • Anonymous

    Face Hurts From Laughing!!!!

  • stephkenneally

    Now I want to see the statue! : )

  • I am not going to lie…the second I started reading, I was already waiting for the eyeballs part of this post.

  • DMW


  • doughboy

    best post of the week. wish we lived closer – you’d be great to have cocktails with.

  • Donalbain

    So, you do your child’s work for him? That is really going to help his education. Well done

  • Donal… cute, you poor dear. Have you nothing else better to do but negatively reply to all my posts and comments. I can suggest a healthier hobby if you like.

    If you bothered to read the link you’d see that parent’s were volunteered by the teacher to assist on certain projects. This wasn’t a project for my son, but a project I had to prepare for the whole class. I know reading comprehension may not be your strong point. It’s ok.