the crap people sell…

Jesus Balaclava
 I’d buy that for a $1
 Somebody’s going to hell for this free polls 

Mask source. Matt Swaim suggested this as a Christmas present. I was trying to think where I could wear this… only everywhere!

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  • Daniel Barrett

    We need an option for “both of the above.”

  • Calah Alexander

    Someone’s definitely going to hell for that. And I’m going on their heels for laughing hysterically. Also, I LOVE your new header! I love that quote! I taught it to my 5-year-old and she says it all the time. It makes my Protestant parents shudder. Haha.

    • Katie O’Keefe

      It’s my husband’s signature for his e-mail. He keeps wanting me to set it to music (a la Madrigal form). I wish I had the composing chops to do so.

  • Christine Hebert

    The scariest part of this is that Amazon only has 2 left in stock! ACK!

  • Stephanie A. Richer

    That is so EPIC AWESOME!!!