tonsure Tuesday…

… The tonsure; the first punk rock haircut symbolizing the renunciation of the world. To learn more about the tonsure, read here.

Photo source: NLM, I strongly suggest you follow the link for more exquisite photos.

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  • Dr. Eric
  • ms anthrope

    OK, I can do Tonsures on Tuesday…but we still get Fridays, right? (I did ask nice, did you see?)

    • ms anthrope

      Oh, and are Wednesdays reserved for wimples?

      • Katrina Fernandez

        what a fantastic idea! They are now.

  • Anonymous

    This looks a bit like St. Meinrad Archabbey. They still do the tonsure there. Brother Matthew, who gave the last retreat I went to, referred to it as the funny haircut.

  • kenneth

    Back when my brother had his Rottweiler, Apollo, I had a minor obsession with the idea of giving him a tonsure and entering him as a novice with the Benedictines. My reasoning was that he had the perfect temperament for contemplative and communal life. He cared nothing for money. He was obedient, and silent, speaking only when commanded (or severly provoked). His chants would have been a bit rough, but I still think he would have made a first rate monk….