another no-show by the Poe Toaster marks the end of the traditional vigil…

How apropos that this should have a sad ending.

Poe, sketched by Édouard Manet

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  • Alexandra Molnar-Suhajda

    I know… I used to get really excited when I’d read in the paper the next day that he had shown up again (I always forgot the date.) I can’t believe no one ‘took it over.’

  • Mamamayerle

    Poor Poe :(

  • MissJean

    Speaking of Poe, I was delighted that some of my European acquaintances read Poe, since I had loved his work from childhood.  However, once in a while they’d talk about him as if he were some sort of Beatnick rebel, not a family man with a drinking problem.  I didn’t know where they got this from until just this past week, when I read First Things and learned that the poet Baudelaire had written a fictitious biography of Poe as a nihilist deliberately drinking himself to death to defy convention!