can it be argued that pro-abortion advocates are racist and sexist…

… I once heard it argued that the only people opposed to abortion where fanatical white evangelicals. The common misconception is that typical pro-lifers are white, middle class, right-wing fundies completely out of touch with real urban problems like poverty, crime, and family abandonment. Of course you and I know this is simply not true.

The media does their part to intentionally perpetuate this misguided notion that it’s nothing more than a white man’s fight to take away the rights of a minority group. They love to use race to advance their agendas, like getting presidents elected, so it make sense that they chose to ignore other ethnicities at the Marches For Life.

That is why it’s imperative that minority groups represent at pro-life events to show the public that the issue of life crosses racial barriers and is not just an attempt by a “white man’s morally superior religious group to impose their beliefs on the public”.

The simple truth is that 80% of Planned Parenthood clinics are in minority communities and while blacks make up only 12% of the population they undergo 35% of all abortions in America. Almost as many black children are aborted as born and since 1973 abortion has reduced the black population by over 25 percent. [source]

Abortion targets minorities. Looking at these statistics one might even argue that if you are a white pro-abortion advocate that makes you a racist. I’ll even go further to say that if you are a pro-abortion male you’re a sexist because of sex selective abortion in places like China and India. So there.

Abortion is opposed by people of every race, religion, and economic background and here’s the part of my post where I prove it. Below you will find just a small handful of images showing the diversity of the pro-life movement. All images are from St. Blogustine’s flicker accounts and used with permission.

One final note; a group that was noticeably missed were Hispanics. I wonder what the reason was for their lack of visible presence. In the state of North Carolina the most practiced religion is Catholicism, due largely in part to the Hispanic population. So why weren’t more there? As a Puerto Rican this left me a bit saddened and confused. I know you’re out there. What happened?

Photo credit: Matt K Cassens of St. Blogustine

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  • kenneth

        Arguing the anti-abortion/prolife position by labeling opponents as racists is a pretty good way to cheapen the argument and negate whatever persuasive points you may have had. It’s just basically using Godwin’s law to posit that whoever disagrees with your position is inherently evil. 
        Why aren’t there more PP offices in lily-white suburbia? Probably because those women are at no lack for health care resources. By and large, they have nice HMO coverage and easy access to family doctors. Moreover, there are cultural differences which explain differences in abortion rates.
         White girls are by no means more chaste than any other, but the idea of postponing pregnancy till after college is hammered home from late childhood. They’re put on the pill at high rates and given the message that whatever you do, don’t get pregnant young. In minority communities, or more accurately in poor communities, black, white or other, there’s a HUGE dynamic of young motherhood.  Pregnancy in high school, junior high or even middle school is normal, to some degree.  They are disastrously ill-equipped to care for these kids, and so it’s no surprise at all that many will opt, sooner or later, to use abortion as “birth control.”
        This problem is compounded by the value system among young men. Again, white guys are no more chaste than any other. I’m living proof of that. BUT, middle-upper class white dudes are conditioned from a young age to never walk out of the house without condoms.  When I was growing up, guys who got girls pregnant at a young age were, to put it mildly, considered shmoes and losers.  In black and Hispanic communities (and lower income white areas), it can be seen as a mark of manhood to father kids, regardless of whether you go on to care for them properly or not. 
        The net result is you have a lot of factors working against young women in poor and minority communities. To attribute this all to some sinister racist plot is absurd and ignores the real human complexities of the problem. High abortion rates are a symptom of underlying problems. If young women don’t have A)A culture which reinforces strict chastity AND realistic marriage options at a young age OR a culture which does not reinforce “strategic” thinking about pregnancy, you WILL have high abortion rates there. Those areas, these days, happen to be more black and Hispanic than white. That was not always the case. In the pre-Roe days and before effective birth control was widespread, plenty of rich white girls were taking sudden plane trips to France…..

    • But you ignore the fact that it is a sinister racist plot. One only have to search no further than the founded of PP, Margaret Sanger. Did you follow the link I provided? Or how about this video…  

      • kenneth

           A woman born in 1879 with racial views that don’t sit well on the 21st Century palate? I don’t know if I can buy that. The late 19th Century was such a hotbed of racial progressivism!  It must have been Planned Parenthood that made her that way! Sanger’s views on race and eugenics were unsavory, but complex. If she was considered a virulent racist by the standards of the day, it’s curious that Martin Luther King accepted her foundation’s award, and that the founder of the NAACP worked hand in hand with her organization years before.  
           Eugenics? Yeah, that sucked. But it was hardly a PP or Sanger invention.  It was very much mainstream thinking in the medical and psychological and government communities well into the 1960s. It didn’t even begin to lose credibility until after WW II. 
            Further, to what extent can any movement or organization be characterized by the personal failings of its founders?  Abraham Lincoln’s views on race, were, to say the least, un-PC by today’s standards. I offer this gem from an 1858 speech he gave 205 miles from where I sit now:
             “….there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I, as much as any other man, am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”
           Now, we must agree that his views on race, and his actions, certainly evolved over time and did a lot of good. But even at his best, I don’t think his views on race would pass muster by the understanding of race equality we aspire to today.  Does that mean today’s Republicans are the inheritors and perpetuators of a sinister racist plot?  I don’t think you’ll get many takers on that proposition.
             Ever hear of the Rhodes Scholarships? Cecil John Rhodes was arguably the world’s most accomplished racist. Owned a little diamond outfit called DeBeers, and his own country, Rhodesia.  His ultimate ambition was to build an empire of white philosopher kings to rule Africa.  In Rhodes day, “white power” wasn’t something that unemployed skinheads in Idaho yelled at rallies. It was reality in Rhodes himself. 
            His stated purpose for the scholarship program was, in part, to breed a talent pool of highly educated white men to be the vanguard of his “master race” of colonial administration.  Of course a lot changed in the world and his program since dear old Cecil kicked the bucket in 1902.  The Rhodes Scholarship list is a who’s who of leading figures in virtually every field of human accomplishment. It includes Bill Clinton and Bobby Jindal, one of the GOP’s leading lights.  Are those men racist by virtue of their participation in a legacy with unfortunate roots? 


        • Yeah, except the agenda Margaret Sanger would have actively enforced would have had pretty much the same effects as Planned Parenthood’s current policies.

          • kenneth

            Really? Is there a section on their website full of white supremacist and eugenics theory that I’m not finding?  If not, surely you must have some verifiable cases of women undergoing forced sterilization at PP clinics? Or am I just to take it on your authority that because you hate abortion that anything unsavory the human mind can conceive of must be going on at PP?

      • Patricia

        Additionally, I would also recommend “Margaret Sanger’s Eugenic Legacy: The Control of Female Fertility” by Dr. Angela Franks.

  • Anonymous

    Is it possible that the Hispanics, due to the Hatred that is sadly quite Palpable in the US, were and are trying to keep Under the Radar??

    • Matt, St. Blogustine, & I have a theory it might be due in part to separate masses in English & Spanish. Does it marginalize Catholics? We are one Church with a universal liturgy.  

      • Ana Maria

        As an hispanic in New Jersey, I would say that a lot of us blend into the crowd.  On our bus, we had about 4 women who attend our Spanish mass exclusively, so I’m not sure that the Spanish Mass tends to marginalize hispanics at the March for Life.  I would propose two other reasons: many recent immigrants would find it to be too great a financial burden to take a day off; and recent immigrants may not be used to  political protests that do not automatically end in tear gas and tanks, so they may stay away out of fear of the government.

  • daisy

    From The Pews, isn’t it odd that Hispanics keep on coming and go to great lengths to avoid being kicked out of a place that is soooooooooooo mean and terrible to them?

  • Patricia

    There was a large group of Hispanic Catholics marching behind us at one point during the March for Life in DC.  They were carrying a banner with Our Lady of Guadalupe & had a young man leading them with a bullhorn who would alternately have them chanting/singing in English & Spanish.  Pro-Vida! 

    • That is wonderful news, Patricia. Thanks for letting me know my peeps came out.

  • Ginacolleen

    Abortion is the new slavery, some people are for it and some people are against it. Pro slavery people really believed black people weren’t humans. A repugnant thought to us today, we all KNOW black people and people of every race are indeed human. In a hundred years I hope people look back at this “abortion being legal” time in history with the same chagrin, shame and a slight pity for how foolish people can be, as we do now when look back at our “slavery was legal” days.