Fillion Friday…

Sigh. All I wanted for Christmas was for Nathan Fillion to follow me on Twitter. And convert to Catholicism, marry me, and father lots of children together. But that’s all.

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  •  Actually, I believe he already is Catholic.  He attended Catholic schools until college.

  • kenneth

    A fine specimen indeed. Still, I’d put Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson and Noah Wiley ever so slightly ahead of him in the ranks.

  • Stand in line. Lovely man and very nice from what I hear.  

  • ms anthrope

    I see nothing objectionable about that wish.    I love your tag and category for Fillion Friday.

  • Anonymous

    yesss wctube

  • Morgan

    concur with marry. pretty sure he IS catholic. how “practicing,” well, not sure. 😉

  • Morgan

    oops, Freudian slip! I concur with mary!