Memorial of St. Hilary of Poitiers…

… Ever the spiritual slacker, some days the closest I get to piety is looking at the calendar to see who’s the Saint of The Day. It’s something I suppose. At least it keeps me in the liturgical rhythm* of the Church.

I use to update my blog daily with pictures and a brief synopsis of each day’s saint, but the Church proved to have more saints than I had time and the practice ceased. Now I just feature my “besties” in the saint department, Saints I’ve grown close to and befriended throughout my life. Sometimes I’ll even feature a saint that doesn’t necessarily fit in the besties category but instead has a connection with someone I know. Or used to know. Whatever; you know what I mean.

So today is the memorial of St. Hilary. From the same link;

Among the foremost defenders of the true faith stood Hilary. He belonged to a distinguished family and had received an excellent education. Though a married man, he was made bishop of Poitiers by reason of his exemplary life. It was not long before his valiant defense of the faith precipitated his exile to Phrygia. Here he composed his great work on the Blessed Trinity (in twelve books). It is a vigorous defense of the faith, which, he said, “triumphs when attacked.” Finally, after four years he was permitted to return to his native land. He continued his efforts, and through prudence and mildness succeeded in ridding Gaul of Arianism. Because of his edifying and illustrious writings on behalf of the true religion, the Church honors him as one of her doctors.

Why not hop over to the other Hilary’s place and scroll through all her wonderful art posts and links. She’s done quite well cultivating her blog into a beautiful place to visit.

*In my head that rhythm sounds like the Miami Sound Machine.

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