pro-life girls are prettier…

… Here is a snippet from today’s column. Follow the link to read the rest of my thoughts on how much more attractive pro-life girls are.

“Let me clear, I’m not talking about the beauty of youth. The beauty I am referring to transcends age… The passion that drove them [pro-life supporters] to stand out in freezing rain for hours on end transformed their faces into an angelic beauty. These were the faces of people who knew they were supporting a just and noble cause. The March for Life was as much about ending abortion in our country as it was about celebrating life.

A person celebrating life is a beautiful being, indeed.

The type of young ladies you'd be proud to bring home to meet momma.

The counter protesters came out for a different reason. They were there because they felt like their “rights” were being attacked. Theirs was a defensive reaction which manifested itself in a desperate fear. They looked and behaved like angry, trapped animals… Their faces betrayed the evil that is abortion. Abortion is hateful violence toward the most innocent of life and those who support abortion support hate, violence, and evil. They are inwardly ugly people…”

Photo credit: Stephanie Richer Photography

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