Obama’s Coup to Overthrow the Constitution .

“This is not merely a president running for re-election. This is a wannabe dictator abusing the powers of the Executive branch to seize more power, fill every federal department and agency with radical minions who will use their offices to advance his agenda, and bully his opponents into submission.

The Executive Branch is officially being “community organized” into a re-election apparatus for permanently installing a radical Socialist regime. If the military were involved, we would be correctly recognizing this as a coup.”

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  • robertgwirth

    “If the military were involved, we would be correctly recognizing this as a coup.”One of the things that made Nazi Germany what it was, was that German soldiers swore an oath of loyalty not to their country or its constitution, but to the Führer, Adolf Hitler.I will bet all my “blog dollars” that if Obama is re-elected, he will try to make the same change.  I have seen many other similarities between him and Hitler.

    • kenneth

      I’ve been online too much today, and read a lot of damn fool things (and written a few). THIS, far and away, takes the cake. The fact that you can’t draw a distinction between a president and policies you don’t like and industrial scale murder of millions is evidence that you have lost your way, profoundly, in moral reasoning. 
           It’s a big part of the reason that the conservative movement itself has floundered and devolved into mindless demagogery. Everyone they don’t like is Hitler. Every gay activist is Hitler. Obama is Hitler. Every Democrat is Hitler. Every conservative who questions in any way the party line is Hitler. Every judge who makes an unpopular ruling in public prayer or anything, is Hitler. Today’s conservatism is purely reactionary. It has no vision of governance or society whatsoever that it can articulate. (Intellectual weenies who insist on the need for critical thinking and real public policy solutions are also Hitler, it turns out.  The movement is nothing more than anger for its own sake.     The worst part about all this is that it minimizes the real horror of real Nazism. In the course of inflating every petty thing to the size of the Holocaust, the reverse is true. You’re shrinking one of humanity’s epic crimes to the mundane scale of your personal tantrums. It is as disrespectful as if you visited Auschwitz, whipped it out, and watered the ground. 

      • Everyone knows Obama isn’t a nazi… he’s a moslem. 

        Seriously though, look at everything the big B.O. has been laying foundations for…  he has contempt for this country and the Constitution. He’s been pecking away at our rights since he stepped foot into office.  

        • kenneth

          Yeah, I get that. There’s a hell of a lot of good legitimate criticism about his policies and willingness to compromise the Constitution.  The Hitler analogy is still beyond ludicrous though.

          • Kimlcarroll

            Tyrants, and I don’t care which one you want to name…don’t generally come to power overnight.  The kinds of steps that take place in getting to a military state and violence are not  unlike what we’re seeing for the first time in American history coalescing under Obama. 

            It’s not ludicrous to believe that it might not all end well for many people, and robert is not out of his mind to make the analogy.  the french revolution didn’t end well; the communist take-over of russia, and one could go on and on.

            Who cares which popular form of totalitarian dicatator robert names?  the larger point is valid; his fears are reasonable, and I only hope  the end result will be far better than it was for the Jews. Mere historical literacy lends credence to robert’s interpretation that this will not end in increased freedom and no suffering and death on the part of whomever the current dictator decides is in his way. 

            nitpicking about the name Hitler is nitpicky.

          • Todd

            Not only is it beyond ludicrous, it marginalizes the person at the source of the discussion. There are a number of blogs where visitors just don’t take the  point of view seriously.

            It’s sort of like high school. Bullies get used to picking on geeks, and nothing can disuade them. It might be that the kid getting picked on has some serious issues … needs to bathe, be less afraid, wear clothes right-side-out. But who’s going to listen to it when the real point is that the bullies got whupped in Nov 2008 and are still smarting over it.