Who’s going to the March For Life in DC …

… THIS GAL! And I’ll be going with this gal. This will be the first time I’ve attended the March For Life in DC. Charlotte has a local march that I’ve attended before but I am very excited to be going to the big one this month. I’m also going to test my luck and see if I can get on EWTN again by gate crashing a reserve seating section in the National Shrine during one of the masses. I’m not an attention whore or anything but I know The Digital Hairshirt will talk me into it. She’s the bad influence.

Gate Crashing the Pontifical Mass @ the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception April 2010. I'm the one at the altar rail not wearing a Roman collar.

Now… I just need to figure out where I’ll be staying. Ideas?

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  • I am going to ask a contact at the Diocese if I can get a press pass for East Tennessee Catholic.  Heck, I’ll just sak Bishop Stika this Saturday . . . yeah, I’d go there . . . he’s going to be leading a Rosary for Life and you KNOW I will be shooting that.

  • MeanLizzie

    Sleep in the shrine, like everyone else! They let you bring a backpack and sleepingbag and have ppl sleeping all over the shrine and downstairs! 😉

    • People no longer sleep at the Shrine.  Where people used to sleep is now used as overflow seating, in addition to other reasons as well.

    • Ugh. I don’t have the back of a teenager anymore. I need a bed w a firm mattress and my own bathroom. And mini bar.   

  • Frlongenecker

    OK. I’ll be there, and I propose a meeting of Catholic bloggers for an unashamed self promotional photo shoot.

    • isn’t there already a Z thing going down at the Dubliner?  

      • Mark Schaad

        He had a blocnic there in April 2010. Have you seen any indication more recently?

        • I was @ the April blognic a few years back. Someone mentioned in passing that there was another one this year after the march. But I haven’t confirmed that, that is why I was asking Fr. L.

  • Michael

    Digi has an aunt by marriage in Falls Church & a niece in Arlington. Also the niece works for a radio station in DC…

  • Anonymous

    I’m 5 minutes from BWI, no mini bar in room, but do have a bed and bath.  Please note, there are 3 large dogs under foot.

  • Patricia

    We’ll be there.  Hoping to meet up the the group marching with Bishop John Kudrick (Eparchy of Parma, OH) — they always chant such beautiful prayers & hymns during the March.  Look for Mother Theodora & the ByzanTeen banner.  Be sure to stop & listen to the American TFP gentleman (under the Our Lady of Fatima banner) as they play their bagpipes & drums.  They are usually located on the right as you ascend the hill up to the Supreme Ct.   Dress warmly & wear comfortable shoes! 

  • Claireonstage

    I can’t wait to go!!

  • doughboy

    if you’re an art deco fan, stay at the carlyle on new hampshire northwest, near 18th street.