for the love of all that is holy, get it out of my head…

When you call my name it's like a little prayer. I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there. In the midnight hour I can feel your power
Just like a prayer you know I'll take you there...
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  • Dan

    I can’t believe that you watched that unfortunate woman during halftime.
    She is in serious spiritual trouble.
    Her sound is the lowest groveling noise available on the pop scene.

    We watched EWTN during the halfway mark.

  • doughboy

    use that unhearit link you sent out last year.

  • tj.nelson

    I didn’t watch  but I heard she did Vogue – my favorite song.  She’s old.  56.

  • guest

    someone I was with was watching the halftime show and at that part at the end when she fell through the stage they said “is that a metaphor for her descending into Hell?” I stopped short of  a chortle before having a desire come over me to pray for her wayward soul. 

  • M. Swaim

    Best tweet I saw in reference to Madonna and LMFAO on the same stage: “I’m sixty and I know it.”

    This might help.

    • I think I will return to the Baby Monkey video whenever the Madonnnnnooo stuff appears in my TV.

    • Yes, Baby Monkey helped. 

    • BAHAHA…I must find me a baby  monkey!!  
      Fat Sally (our potbelly pig) just had 8 piglings last weekend & we need to get ’em broke. I figured the cats would volunteer, but monkeys make much better jockeys.

  • Tim

    Is that a Lady Gaga song?

    • kenneth

         No, Madonna, who is the previous “Lady Gaga.”  You must understand that a generational curse runs through our culture in this country, like the curse of the werewolf.
          This curse falls on one fame-seeking young woman in each generation who has an instinctual understanding of the sharp limits of the intellects of teens, middle aged guys and entertainment execs. The curse causes her to seek, and achieve, fame for its own sake by cultivating an air of untouchable sexiness and cultivating a constant cultural “buzz” about herself through social media and carefully scripted manufactured controversy, usually involving religious imagery. 
          The magic of the curse is indeed strong, and it works every time, amassing hundreds of millions of dollars and reassuring adolescents that they’re part of a movement too cool for the older folks to ever grasp.  Just as they become older folks themselves and begin to sober up from the curse, it transmits to a new generation and a new female vessel, so to speak.  Lady Gaga. HER replacement is just being born or raised now in some obscure corner of middle America, finding herself ill at ease with pedestrian surroundings and reaching out to that energy source which will one day choose her to bear the curse and its power. 

      • Tim

        I like Katy Perry.

  • We watched the weather channel during halftime.

  • Oh God, I can’t un-read that.  Thank you ever so much for sharing. Where’s my “The Who’s Greatest Hits”?

  • NY Mom

    Madge is actually 53 – my age.  I do envy her energy. Oh – and her biceps. Where she has muscles I have what my son affectionately calls “bingo wings”.

  • Thanks.  I had just finally gotten it out of MY head.  And by the way, I never realized just exactly how explicit those lyrics were until you printed them there for me to read (minus the sparkly clapping choir).  I think I’ll go throw up now.