I hate always being right…

… Breaking News: Koman reverses decision on Planned Parenthood grants

A short lived victory with an utterly disappointing and predictable end.

Why, SGK Foundation, why? You should have stuck to your guns. You’ve lost all credibility now. Neither side will ever trust you again. It’s a shame, really. You did do legitimate good. Alas, no more.

Updated 4:55pm[EST]: But wait, there’s more … let’s take a nice deep breath. Is SGK really caving?

However, my thinking falls along the same lines as Elizabeth Scalia’s. We share the same suspicions.

She notes; “This Komen/PP story is really interesting — regardless of whether some are arguing that Komen is caving while others say they’re being clever — the big story here is the tag-teaming of press and government to quickly destroy anyone who dares try to leave their plantation. The vehemence of the press and Sens. Boxer and Murray yesterday was almost rabid.


They used Komen as an example and sent a profound message: don’t go against us, or you’re dead. This is institutional aggression that cannot bode well for us. This is bullying meant to frighten, intimidate and finally silence.

SGK donated just a little over half a million a year annually to PP, their funding was a pittance in comparison to the millions pledged annually from other sources. Oh, and then there’s the THREE MILLION in donations they’ve collected since they leaked the story of being “defunded” by those big bad meanies at SGK.

In the meantime, I bet they’re hoping we forgot about the HHS’s assault on Catholic’s religious freedoms. We haven’t. SIGN THE PETITION.

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  • David Le


  • Nate

    I just saw this, too…and I want to vomit.

    • kenneth

      Take care. If that didn’t play well on social media, they’d have you reverse it!

  • Timothy Canny

    In related news Komen announces their new YELLOW fundraising campaign.

  • Tanya

    their side doesn’t care – there’s no shame. This is all quid-pro-quo.  Both groups are just whoring their causes for money. The End.

  • http://www.clan-donaldson.com/ Cari

    The press release doesn’t say anything different from the YouTube video the founder of SGK posted the other day.  Existing grants will be honored.  New grants will be held to the revised criteria.  If PP should, in the future, meet that criteria, they would be eligible to apply for a grant.  SGK never said that they were forever cutting ties with PP.  They simply said that due to their new grant process, PP was not eligible for new ones.

    • Chris

      That’s wishful thinking.   They didn’t reverse on this controversy so they could turn around a dredge it up again the next time they make their grant review.  By stating they won’t let “politics” dictate their decision, it covers them on both sides.  They cast their vote, then changed it – that’s all you need to know.

  • http://twitter.com/mfskrobola Marie Skrobola

    So freaking depressing.  I just read that PP raised $3 million in 3 days from 10,000 donors.   Why do the bad guys always seem to have the upper hand?  I’d love to just once, ONCE  see it go the other way, in *this* lifetime.

  • Stblogustine

    Why were the pro-lifers so quick to donate to Komen?  Did they see some sort of conversion that I didn’t?  I assumed Komen bowed to our pressure, not that they suddenly gave a rat’s behind about the unborn.  They were never getting money from me unless I saw changes at the top.

  • Nate

    Um, Kat?  Sorry to do this, but…

    ‘ SGK donated just a little over half a year annually to PP, their funding
    was a pittance in comparison to the millions pledged annually from
    other sources.’

    ‘half a’…what?