I want to hug them…

… It’s a compulsion, you know.

Missionaries of Charity nuns throw snowballs in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican Feb. 4. A rare snowfall blanketed the Eternal City with more than 3 inches of snow overnight. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

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  • Anonymous

    But you can’t; that’s crazy; you can’t hug every nun!

  • Timothy Canny

    Well, before you give up and despair, I just want to put out there that all things are possible with God, so there is always hope. And also, are we sure they aren’t having a Manna fight?

  • Michael

    Gives “turn the other cheek” a whole new meaning. (I actually met Mother Teresa at their novitiate in San Francisco…)

  • ms anthrope

    BWAHH HA HA HA!   I know you just want to hug them, I do to!  At least you don’t need to worry about them not having a habit.  (Loved your video! loved it!)