Chickens wearing sweaters…


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Ten Years is a Long Run…
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Ten Years is a Long Run…
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Ten Years is a Long Run…

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  • Karen May

    I love your blog! It’s delightful and many times very moving. I am always reading things you have written out loud to my husband who thinks you are a kick! Regarding the chickens, I have seen the chickens in sweaters and it is a (at least it started as) way to rehabilitate chickens that have been harmed or abused until they can grow their missing feathers in. Of course, being a knitter, I imagine there are those who knit for their chickens out of love or for fun. If you haven’t already seen it, I HIGHLY recommend Chicken Run, an animated movie about a British chicken farm. In it, one of the chickens is constantly knitting. It is completely hilarious!!

  • Tim

    They look tasty.  I wonder how sweaters taste fried.

  • Michael Warren

    Uh,,, okay

  • Bltjonestravel

    How do you get a sweater on a chicken in the first place?