Coping with the symptoms of Downton Abbey Fever…

… First let us recognize the symptoms before suggesting treatment.

Symptoms include adopting a fake British accent, responding to all requests with “I forbid it!” and referring to others as “common”, intense eyebrow furrowing, use of a cane [more severe cases my actually adopt a limp], obsessively ringing bells and becoming frustrated or confused when no one comes calling, and abandoning housekeeping insisting nonexistent servants will get it. You should seek a physician if these symptoms persist and interfere with your ability to function. Anyone experiencing a fake British accent lasting more than four hours should seek immediate medical attention.

If you or a loved one is suffering from Downton Abbey Fever and experiencing withdrawal symptoms these symptoms may be alleviated by re-watching Season 1 – not that wretched melodramatic soap opera-y Season 2. Some sufferers have found relief with regular or hourly use of Twitter to follow:

Lady Mary’s Eyebrows @MarysEyebrows
Miss Obrien’s Hair @Missobrienshair
William’s ghost @GhostFootman

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  • Sarah LaVigne

    You are a godsend. Thank ye. 
    There’s also a @SybilHaremPants

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Sybil’s Harem Pants are too political. They just drone on and on about the vote and her common husband.   

  • Laura Lowder

    Other symptoms – looking for corsets and long period dresses online,
    Beginning to grow out one’s hair and thinking of hiring a ladies’ maid to dress it,
    Realizing chastity is REALLY romantic, and that kisses ought to MEAN SOMETHING,
    Wanting flowers in every room,
    having Tea…

  • Ron

    And for us guys there’s the temptation to troll the net to find a cool butler’s uniform and work on the British accent.  How long until season 3?? I might need therapy!! Sigh.

  • The Catholic Science Geek

    I have yet to watch an entire episode, but your earlier Downtown Abbey spoof postings, your other posts about this show, and the realization that I get every episode streamed for free from my Amazon prime account….well, I may have a new addiction. Just started episode 1 of season 1.

  • tj.nelson

    I was trying to write my posts with a Downton accent and people stopped reading me.  It’s so middle class to worry about followers however.

  • Anonymous

    A small offering of good news.  I read that they show has been contracted through at least 5 seasons.

  • CTCatholicCorner

    If you haven’t yet seen “Manor House” by PBS (2001) you really need to watch it!

  • Rachel Harold

    Don’t miss this wicked combination of Arrested Development and Downton Abbey…but it’s really just for die-hard AD/DA fans.

  • Anonymous

    A possible source of amusement…

  • Rachel Harold

    oooh, I just found out about this!  I want to read it!