nature is noisy y’all…

… Did you know there are birds that sing at night. All. Night. Long. They’re called nightingales and these lovely little things like to perch in trees near bedroom windows while you write. Noisily chirping away. Did I mention they do this all night long? So here I sit, trying to devise the most effective way to shut him the hell up.

I don’t know how Fr. Z stands it.

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  •  As the Prologue says: And
    smale foweles maken melodye/ That slepen al the nyght with open ye. so
    priketh hem Nature in hir corages…We have this problem a bit before dawn. Every morning I have to reach up and shut the window so we can still sleep. The bird racket is unbelievable.

    •  BTW at our old house there was a woodpecker named Senor 6:30. He’d start pounding on the metal gutter outside our window at dawn. I finally bought a strong squirt gun, and after being squirted through the screen for a couple of weeks he moved away.

  • Anonymous

    Those little birds will let you know when the Three Days of Darkness are to happen.

    They will let the Holy Angels know not to harm you as the Darkness falls…


  • Lynn

    Was that Mystic Monk coffee???

  • Michael

    Could be worse; my “nightingales” are 747’s, A380 AirBuses, and 737’s (I live near the takeoff end of one of LAX’s runways)…

  • Anonymous

    We don’t have nightingales in the USA, they are a European bird.  I’ll bet what you hear are Mockingbirds.  They sing all day and night and can imitate other birds as well.

  • Constance-Merricat Blackwood

    You think that an actual nightingale is bad?  How about if you had to listen to THIS nightingale all night long? 

    Have gratitude for the little birdies.  They are blessings.

    It could be worse, you know…..


  • Constance-Merricat Blackwood

    Guam is a quiet place to live without the birds singing.  Instead of a bird outside of peoples’ windows, they have snakes.  The brown tree snake ate up so many birds that the birds became extinct. 

    Have gratitude for beautiful, lovely things.  Feel love.  When you give into fear or hate, you might just get what you wish for.

    Guam might be quiet without singing birds, but look at what they have instead.

  • Rfrendz

    What would St. Francis of Assisi do? Then there are the cats, who love to stalk birds. Just saying.