Personally, I like settling matters with a cage match battle to the death…

But Twitter is an OK way to determine positions of church hierarchy, I suppose, since it’s obvious moral authority, apostolic succession, and common sense do not apply to the Church of England and their online popularity contest to determine the new Archbishop of Canterbury.

The ‘contest’ is even open to members of other faiths… naturally, I begin campaigning today.

Let the battle begin.

Nominate me here, @c_of_e

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  • Tim Canny

    What, did they run out of strange women lying in ponds distributing swords? Surely there must be a few who are not busy seeing as the monarchy’s line of succession is pretty much already determined.

  • ElizabethM

    What Catholic Diocese is Canterbury in?  I think we should just put in the Catholic Archbishops’ name who is already there.  

  • Gregg the Obscure

    Fr. Longenecker had been CoE clergy. Hope they haven’t updated the roster yet. 😉