sometimes the blog posts almost write themselves…

… take this bit of news off the wire; Liberal Ladies Out To Lunch go on a seven day sex strike. Merciful heavens! No fornication for SEVEN whole days?! It boggles the mind and shrivels the ovaries. Some how I think our nation’s men will manage.

Glaring irony missed in their precious attempts at political activism; exploiting their own vaginas as a bargaining tool to gain a desired result, and demand I keep my rosaries off their ovaries but pay for their abortifacients.

The group also states, “In truth, if we lose our hard won rights to medical care, birth control and pregnancy choice, it won’t only affect women. Men will have to go back to the days when they waited for or paid for sex. ”

Here we go again with “rights” to birth control and abortion. I think you’ll find those in the Constitution right next to the clause about being a promiscuous whore. What? That’s not in there? Color me shocked. Neither is birth control or abortion, so let’s drop the act once and for all and move along.

Men, aren’t you insulted by their assertions that you will result to trolling street corners looking for hookers if your wife denies you sex for a week? I am insulted for you. How can a group of women who bemoan the repressing of one group make such sweeping generalizations about another without imploding on their own hypocrisy? It’s a scientific wonder.

Perhaps I’m too harsh. Liberal Ladies, your concern is for your poor fellows who may have to wait for sex or pay for it. How altruistic. Of course, your bodies should be readily available for your men 24/7 like a convenience store, as was the intent of the original suffragettes. Fight on, sisters. Fight on.

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  • Laura Lowder

    What’s really tragic is that they don’t recognize what they’re saying about themselves as sex objects.

    Preach on, Sistah!

  • Lydia Cubbedge

     So, the whole point of being able to have sex whenever they want is, ultimately, so their men can have sex whenever they want? How is this liberated?

  • Seraphic

    Hilarious! I liked the part where they talked about men’s “rights.”  Dear me. Right to what? Have sex with the women of their choice? 

    Liberated nothing. These women are slaves to sex, and they assume everybody else must be, too. What an insult to the thousands and thousands of men and women who live quiet lives of dignified chastity.

  • L.

    Okay, I’m about as liberal a woman as you can find —  though I’m definitely no lady — and I think this is dumb. They think they’re “punishing” their men? If they enjoy sex, too, they’re just punishing themselves — I’m not sure what the point of that would possibly be.

  • Jeanne Chabot

    The group also states, “In truth, if we lose our hard won rights to medical care, birth control and pregnancy choice, it won’t only affect women. Men will have to go back to the days when they waited for or paid for sex. ”
    Also, since when are they LOSING their hard won “rights”?  They only have to PAY for birth control and abortion.  Which is only just, considering…

    What about my right to HAVE kids?  Who’s going to pay for that?  Wouldn’t it be nice if the government could pay for all the expenses for all my kids until they are grown up?  What?  Not going to happen?  Well, why should the government pay for them NOT to have kids then?

    Here in Québec (not sure about the rest of Canada) the government now pays for artificial insemination and the like.  As happy as that makes some parents, the ethics of that are, as they say in French, “to be disputed”. 

  • Tim

    Did I miss something?  Didn’t that mandate go into effect?  What exactly are they striking over?  This must be some kind of threat to go on strike if the mandate is taken away.

    Also, seeing as many men were able to “wait” for sex while they were teenagers, I’m sure we’ll manage now that our hormones aren’t what they used to be.  Who knows, maybe these women will be doing the men a favor (remember that episode of Seinfeld where George stops engaging in such activities?).

  • Rfrendz

    How about the men taking some responsibility and getting a vasectomy. That would solve the problem and the women wouldn’t need birth control.

    • Tim

      “Reproductive freedom” at its finest!

    • Marie

      Sterilizations do not equate masculine responsibility…far from it.

  • Karen

    Men did NOT restrain themselves in the past, ever.  Augustine of Hippo stated: “If you expel prostitution from society, you will unsettle everything on account of lusts.”  Presumably he wasn’t talking about randy wives in that sentence.  If you read anything by actual scholars instead of Catholic propagandists, you will learn than most men got their introduction to sex from prostitutes and not their wives.  In “Crime and Punishment,” Dostoyevsky has the main character see a drunken young girl being carried off by a number of men and reflect that “some have to fall to save the rest.”  Your preferred system requires that some women lead lives of absolute misery and wretchedness to protect decent women from the horror of enjoying sex.  No male will ever, ever, ever deny himself sex for any reason.  Birth control allows women to protect ourselves.  You, yourself, are a single mother.  You’re divorced.  I’m not.  I have lived by the code you advocate and hate it.  You enjoy liberties that feminists won for you and you turn around and spit on them.

    • Katrina Fernandez

       “No man will every deny himself sex” – how sad that you think sex is as required for survival as breathing and eating. No man will die from lack of sex, neither will any woman. I have plenty of male friends who would refute your claims – namely priests, members of religious communities, and men single living chaste lives. 

      Why are liberals so sex crazed and revolve entirely around this issue? 

      • Seraphic

        Dostoyevsky would like us all to know that the thought of being lumped in with Catholic propagandists would make him, were he still alive, hurl. 

        • Seraphic

          Oh, and it is because sex is their religion, their alpha, their omega, their hope and their rock.

          • L.

            Really? I guess I better re-read the manual.  I like sex but my life doesn’t revolve around it, and I know few people — liberal or conservative — whose lives do.

      • L.

        Was that just a hypothetical question? We’re not “sex-crazed”  – what does that word even mean? We just LIKE it. 
        I think Erin Manning sums it up best: We firmly believe in “Sex without Consequences.” That is, we believe in maximizing the pleasure, minimizing the consequences, which is never a perfect tradeoff (particularly in a long, monogamous relationship), but some of us do try. 
        The only place I talk about sex is in blog comment boxes. If you ever met me in real life, it would probably never come up. 

        I’m also wondering if “Liberal Ladies” and their sex strike is intended as a parody.

        • Tim

          Sometimes you have to destroy a few human lives to make an omelette.

          Nothin’ crazy about that.  Nope.  Not a thing.

          • L.

            Better to avoid fertilizing those eggs, then!

        • Katrina Fernandez

          Hey, L. Welcome back. 

          It wasn’t a hypothetical question at all. Why the sex obsession? And really? Sex without  consequences. Every action has a reaction. There is no such thing as living in a vacuum. Everything we do has consequences that not only effect us directly but have impacts on others as well.  

          • L.

            I don’t know why some people — of all backgrounds and affiliations, I hasten to add — are sex-obsessed. I also fail to understand why the contraceptive sex I enjoy with my partner could be said to harm others, since it makes our marital bond stronger, contributes to stability, etc. Also, I am less crabby and don’t yell at the kids as much, so it would seem to be win-win for both me and society.

          • Katrina Fernandez

            Hey. That’s sounds fine. I am less crabby when I have a cocktail while engaging in politics. Should you buy my Vodka? Should I buy your birth control? 

            No. And no.  

          • L.

            I don’t take birth control pills, and I would be happy to pay for your reproductive choices through my insurance premiums.  Vodka, as far as I know, is not a prescription drug, so it’s not a fair comparison, although it’s true I become a better person whenever I drink some. 

          • Katrina Fernandez

            Fair enough. It has been noted by another kindly reader that the lime in my gin & tonic prevents scurvy. The gov’t should supply my limes since scurvy is a legitmate disease and pregnancy is not. Pregnancy is not a disease therefore calling birth control “preventative medicine” is ludicrous. 

            Btw, how much did it cost you to fill your gas tank the last time you were at the pump? 

            Clever, how we are all being intentionally diverted from other issues, issues that would break Obama’s campaign, with their obamacare/free bc/ $1 abortion plans. 

            He’s a slick sob, that president. 

          • L.

            If pregnancy is not a disease, why should health insurance cover it at all?  (Since I think it’s just LIKE a disease, I think it should indeed be covered, along with contraception.)
            I live in Tokyo and we don’t have a car.  But gas is outrageous here, too — it’s a global thing.  Not good.

      • Anonymous

         You missed my point.  Men will never deny themselves sex.  MEN see sex as as a necessity.  Do you believe that wives have an absolute and total veto over when the couple has sex? 

        • Katrina Fernandez

          Where did you get this notion from? As a lover of men, I am offended for them. 

    • SDG

       Karen: Are you familiar with human beings? They are a curious species. Much more complicated than your bizarre pronouncements seem to recognize.

    • Tim

      I’m pretty sure fictional characters from 19th Century Russian novels don’t represent modern men (or many men from the past, for that matter).

      Karen, however, sounds like the main character from Tolstoy’s “Kreutzer Sonata.”

  • Shank Rosenthal

    It reminds me of the temperance movement slogan “Lips that touch liquor shall never touch ours”.  That’s win-win as far as I’m concerned.

  • Anonymous

    I was having a cup of joe one morning when a dolled up Liberal/pro-homo/man hating Feminist came walking in.

    She immediately recognized the pig (me) in the Coffee House and stood next to where I was sitting

    I looked her up and down, and twice fixed my eyes at her breasts just to make sure.

    “How you doing, Doll?”

    I turned back to my cup and ignored any response she might give.

    After a short diatribe from her, I invited her to sit down and get a load off.

    We spoke for a while of pleasantries and community affairs, until our conversation turned towards her.

    As I suspected, she had wearied of the expectations of the Man Haters Club, and how she wished to return to being a girl. I helped along as much as I could, but what startled her was how my wife and I used to engage in sex.

    At first, her eyes widened, then the look of surprise came over her, and as I told her of those many times I impregnated my girl, her jaw dropped to her lap.

    Her coffee by this time was ice cold, but she didn’t seem to notice.

    “You have to tell me more. I had no idea!”

    …and that’s the problem with most modern womyn.

    They don’t have a clue.

    It’s easy to understand when so many men have become punk a** sissies.


    • Tim

      Seriously, nothing but sissies with their punks and their a**es.

      So, Crescat, when is the next Downtown Abby post?  And don’t forget about Filion Fridays!!! (swoon)

  • Anonymous
    Speaking of sex…

    Many men now are confused…instead of sitting back with a beer in one hand and a sandwich in another and watching a good cat fight, now sissies want to be a part of it.

    These women should have joined together and kicked his ass, then made him their bitch…

    If I caught a punk hitting a woman I would kick his ass… oh, wait, I already have, and will in a heartbeat.