Uganda isn’t the only place invisible children exist…

Invisible Children is everywhere. It may be a worthy cause, or not, but color me a bit confused.

The points used in their video sound a little familiar. Oh so very familiar. In fact they are same ones used by pro-life advocates for decades now. In their video, already viewed by more than 72 million people, Invisible Children tells the viewer “where a child is born shouldn’t determine if a child lives.” To which I say, where and under what circumstances they are conceived shouldn’t determine it either.

Invisible Children wants to expose the plight of Ugandan children who are snatched from their homes and forced to fight in Joseph Kony’s army. These children are butchered and slaughtered and the world needs to be made aware of their unheard cries.

Ah, so this is starting to sound familiar to you as well? Millions of unborn children have been snatched from their mother’s womb and systematically slaughtered. Their cries are never heard either. In both cases, children’s lives are used or terminated by someone who has power over them.

If you try and use the arguments made by pro-abortion advocates and apply them to the Invisible Children project it doesn’t quite work. A perfect example would be the oft heard quip, “I don’t believe in legislating morality.” Murder is a moral wrong. It is also a crime. Yet in this one instance we are rallied to fight against it and persecute the perpetrators; however with abortion nations turn a blind eye. Hmmm.

“Keep it safe and legal.” Yes, make murder legal and exactly who is made safe by this? Again, the urge to flip tables is strong.

The only thing I am taking away from this campaign is that the pro-life movement could learn a lesson from Invisible Children on how to harness the power of social media to get young people engaged and excited about something.

That, and apparently anyone can be an “activist” now without, you know, having to actually be active.

Related Links: I also share some of Terry’s concern regarding the propaganda machine.

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  • Anonymous

    Besides sadness for any suffering, 2 things caught my attention when watching the video. 

    #1 that the whole buy- the- box- and- bracelets rubbed me wrong, as a money making idea and newest “pet rock” for kids.

    #2from my FB page ” How do we transfer that passion and righteous indignation towards the murder of the unborn? Yes, in 20 years Kony has destroyed the lives of 30k kids and their families, terrorizing Uganda. But abortion has taken above 50 million lives. There are MANY more really invisible children than just Kony’s.”

  • Jeanne Chabot

    Well, whether it be the unborn, or the invisible kids, I’m all for getting the message out there.  Tweeting, blogging and facebooking may not destabilize a warlord but it DOES get the message out there.

  • Dr. Eric

    I think General Butt Naked was worse than Kony.

  • tj.nelson

    Thanks Kat.