Wait. I thought only white people committed race crimes…

Media outrage in 3-2 …. yeah, right.

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  • Jeanne Chabot

    Ok.  No they aren’t.  I was bullied as a child simply because I was white.  “White man” was like, the worse insult you could call someone.  I’ll admit that white treatment of Natives didn’t help their opinion of us, but I had nothing to do with other people’s crimes, and I was constantly belittled, put down, beat up, laughed at, rejected, left out because of it.  It had an enormous impact on my relationship with my peers, and especially with boys as boys tended to be worse than girls.  

    I wasn’t the only one.  Native kids who did well in school and who were perceived as having a white mentality and a wish to succeed were treated pretty much the same.  Perhaps to a lesser degree.  We were put in our place.  Constantly reminded that we were no one.  Losers.  So yeah, racism goes both ways.

    • I was being sarcastic, of course. Jeanne, I am sorry you had to endure the insults.  People are going to be assholes no matter what their race. My ire is with the media who portray the situation as only whites perpetuating all the crimes against innocent minorities. 

      • Jeanne Chabot

        Oh, don’t worry, I caught the sarcasm… I was just strongly backing your point of view.  With my own experience.  🙂

  • White people certainly aren’t the only ones guilty of race crimes, but it seems they are the only ones prosecuted of such crimes.

    Me?  I’d rather we did away with them.  Regardless of the victim, all crime is essentially a “hate” crime.  Adding enhancers based on the race/sexual orientation/religion of the victim (and the often implied “bigotry” of the perpetrator) creates an injustice and inequality under the law.

  • Anonymous

    When I was a child, I went to a predominately Negro  grade school (they hadn’t turned color yet).

    There was a white girl at the school, but nobody messed with girls in those days.

    Everybody would beat you up if you did.

    Along came a white boy, and the battle lines were quickly drawn.

    It became him versus the best fist fighter negro.

    Negroes didn’t know much about Cowboys back then.

    The fight lasted an hour and a half, with the P.E. teacher acting as Referee.

    That white kid beat the soup out of that Negro.

    But the Negro did put up a good fight.

    Afterwards, everything settled down.

    No revenge, no bitterness.

    We kids back then had some class.

    I guess that’s what’s wrong with most kids nowadays. No class.

    And they have never had their asses kicked when they needed it.

    By the way, we were not mommies boys, but we did love our mommies, and worked hard to make sure she didn’t have to work hard or suffer so bad.

    We used to go crawdadding, tree climbing, and swimming in canals.

    We had a good childhood.