cause of my joy…

33 is the new black according to this highly reliable and scientific poll. Yes, I read trivial, news items. One time I even followed a link about Katy Perry’s hair. I’m so ashamed.

So the age 33 is supposed to be the magic number, the age when most people feel the happiest. I can see that, I suppose. Your 30’s mark the end of those awkward trying to figure yourself out years. I’m guessing you are just thrilled to be done with it. Granted my 20’s were fun, but an empty kind of fun that caused me a great deal of pain when looking back in hind sight.

If I was to briefly describe the decade marking my twenties the story of the prodigal son would illustrate it best. In my twenties I spent my inheritance, in my thirties I came crawling home.

The Return of the Prodigal Son (1773) by Pompeo Batoni

I’ll be 36 in a few short months and I would say I am pretty happy where I am in life right now- though not for any of the reasons stated in the article. It seems odd to admit a contended happiness; divorced, single mom with my nursing dreams on hold and prone to entertaining wild fantasies of running off to convent. There are millions of people better off, better off by societies standards. I guess I am supposed to feel disgruntled and bitter or something.

I just find it too difficult to feel that way in light of all my past transgression that have been forgiven. This is the cause of my 30-something joy and I sincerely suspect I will feel this way at 43 and 53 as well.

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Another famous 33- Hallie Lord turns 33 today. Hop over and wish her and Ryan Gosling a happy birthday.

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  • “I sincerely suspect I will feel this way at 43 and 53 as well.”  At 45 & 12 years Catholic, I can absolutely say YES. Yes you will.

  • tj.nelson

    My 30’s were the most fun of my whole life.  It’s been downhill ever since.

    Looking for the resurgence of disco and house music.

  • Pineconejg

    I certainly hope 33 is not my happiest. I am 33 and 6 months and I have had a TERRIBLE year. I wouldn’t mind if I’ve already had my happiest year, but I certainly hope this isn’t it.

  • Wow – the best year of my life. Let’s hope I can do it justice. 😉

  • Tim

    Let us not forget the significance of the number 33 as it pertains to Christians.

    That’s right, it was Larry Bird’s number!

  • Kathryn Schneider

    I turn 33 in a little over a week.  Hopefully it will live up to the hype.  I’d just be happy to get out of the serious mom-funk that I’m in right now.

  • Farris 1977

    As of March 30 I’m 35 and as of this Easter a Christian and new Catholic. Not to mention my wife and I just adopted our two children which will become final April 9th.

    None of these things are on societies checklist of happiness in my opinion but they sure are on mine.

    My 20’s were pretty fun but dumb fun. My 30’s are much more focused and I appreciate things more. Besides, with life expectancy at 80 today, we’re all really just teenagers in the larger scheme of things.

  • Jenne

    I crawled back on my knees around 30 years.  JOY!  then trial, now a depeer joy and certainty (even more than at return it’s amazing!) I’m turning 42 this year.