obligatory chicken post…

… This is Albert. He is the Tony Soprano of chickens. Albert wants you to share with me all your online resources for chicken husbandry. So far I got My Pet Chicken and this link with homemade coops. He is not pleased with my progress.

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  • Jill


  • http://twitter.com/HouseUnseen Dwija Borobia

    Dang it!  Jill beat me to it.  You can also harass me (via the internet, not phones  Oh dear, sweet baby jeezus do I hate talking on the phone) at any time of the night or day with chicken questions because 1 year ago I had never held a chicken and now we have 7 non-dead chickens who all lay eggs and eat our apple peels.  It’s incredible!

  • Bridget

    Your life as a chicken farmer is not complete without this – http://www.etsy.com/listing/78840988/keep-calm-and-feed-a-chicken-poster

    You’re welcome.  😉