Romney’s new campaign slogan, “Hey, at least I’m not as bad as Obama. That dudes a ninja at making things worse”…

… Romney’s may not be my first endorsement, but he’s all we got now. So in light of this sobering news, Simcha Fisher has detailed ways in which Romney can make things less traumatic for the rest of us.

Adopt the following campaign slogan: I WILL DO NOTHING! Seriously, dude, that’s all we want from our elected officials at this point. Just . . . stop doing things. Voting for Obama is like hitting your head with a hammer. Voting for Romney is like stopping hitting your head with a hammer. You’re not gonna feel great, but at least you’re not hitting your head with a hammer.

Just get up every morning and not be Obama. Yeah, yeah, I hear people say, “Oooh, Romney’s just the same as Obama, he’s just as bad!” I’m sorry, are you high? Obama is a country-ruining machine. He’s a ninja at making things worse. He stays up late trying to figure out what he can screw up, how to make life crappier for decent people, how to weaken and humiliate us in front of other nations, and how to keep unemployment and foreclosures briskly perking along.

“Obama: He’s a Ninja at Making Things Worse” needs to be a bumper sticker.

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