Sneak Peek into Downton Abbey Season 3 …

Spoiler Alert, some one is getting married – someone besides Sanctimonious Matthew and I-Always-Get-What-I-Want Mary. If you like nice surprises then don’t follow link. If you are like me and utterly impatient then, by all means, click away.

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  • Akosmowski

    I didn’t take a look at the link, but my guess at who marries: the Dowager!

  • Kim Vandapool

    I checked out the link. My goodness, those brits sure like their long, puffy coats!

    • Katrina Fernandez

      To hide the outfits from the press and photographers. 

  • Annamaly

    THANK YOU for posting this!! 

  • Megranny5

    when does season 3 begin

  • anonymous

    I guess I was turned off in season 1 watching the much unexpected gay kiss…I couldn’t keep watching.  Was that necessary?  Another sign of the times, I guess.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      I guess the writers felt it necessary to establish Thomas’s gayness that is used in the Daisy/Thomas story line. But you’re right… I didn’t need to see him kiss another man to know he was gay. It was like Anderson Cooper “coming out” and stating the obvious. In other news, ocean very big and filled with water.