some odds and ends for Sunday…

… As most of you know, I’ve typically made it a long standing tradition to not blog on weekends. My weekends are my own. Sometimes; however, I like to pop in and leave a few links, images, or comments I think are worthy the extra attention.

Time magazine is conducting a poll to determine who the most influential people are. Timothy “My President” Dolan is on the list. VOTE!

Then buy the bumper sticker.

Cuba makes Good Friday a holiday after Papal visit; “The Communist government said in a communique Saturday that the decision was made in light of the success of Benedict’s “transcendental visit” to the country, which wrapped up Wednesday.”

Deo gratias.

And finally, today’s visual treat…

Entrance into Jerusalem, by Pedro Orrente c. 1620

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  • tj.nelson

    Is the bumper sticker slogan available as a mug?  A t-shirt?

    I love your new header.

    Have a holy week. 

    • I’m not sure. A friend, Will Cubbedge, designed it. But it’s cafepress, so probably. Oh, I see. You thought I started selling swag. 

      HA HA HA HA HA

      • Willcubbedge

        I am not above filthy lucre.  And I’ll put it on anything if you want to buy it.

        Why no Crescat swag? 

        • Because it would reinforce this belief, held by many, that I have sold out. It would too Fr. Z-ish in their opinions. 

          • Willcubbedge

             But, but, . . . what about your public?!?!

          • Willcubbedge

            We Demand cheaply produced, overpriced, Crescat-brand crap!

          • Ugh. Not to imply Fr. Z sold out. All the swag he sells and the paypal donation buttons to buy him a Mac raise a lot eyebrows is all I mean. 

            Shit. I’m stepping away from this now.  

          • Willcubbedge

            I think we dig what you mean.  

    • Willcubbedge

      I have added a mug.  I will get to work on a t-shirt.