When a man tells you he doesn’t want to get married believe him…

… Men are straight forward beings. They’re not really into verbal manipulation and double meanings. So ladies, if you are dating a man and he very plainly tells you that he doesn’t want to get married, he doesn’t want to get married and he’s not waiting for you to try and change his mind.

It’s easy to cling to the hope that maybe he just doesn’t want to get married right now while you continue to get emotionally invested. Maybe after two or three years together he will suddenly change his mind, you think. Once he sees how wonderful you are, you rationalize.

Ask any married men about their wives and the first time they met them. Usually the memory is recalled with a smile and a mention of “just knowing” she was the one. I’ve yet to have a man tell me he firmly told his wife he didn’t want to get married but she hung around anyway and wore down his resistance.

Another instance that causes much confusion in the smitten hearts of women is the man who solemnly swears to never marry… then marries the next girl he goes out with. The problem here is the incomplete sentence. When a man gives you the “I don’t want to get married” line quietly finish his sentence in your head, “I don’t want to get married … to you“. Then repeat it to yourself as many times as needed to make it firmly sink in.

Ouch. I know. I’ve been on the receiving end of this on more than one occasion. It happens to the best of us. But it’s better to take his statement at the face value in which it was intended than dwell in the land “maybe he’ll change his mind” and waste your valuable time and energies.

Next time you hear this statement don’t get offended at his honesty but also don’t go into denial that he just hasn’t experienced your mind changing awesomeness either. Graciously and sincerely state you have different long term plans and wish him well.

Should you continue to date him? If you plan on getting married, NO! However, if you can legitmately accept that you will not get married to this person, and are not just saying that because you don’t want to lose him, and you can be happy settling for being forever a girlfriend never a bride, then you knock yourself out.

Now ask me if you try and remain friends. Again, NO!

Hanging around in the friend zone risks your dignity. Are you settling for friendship in hopes that once he knows you better he’ll see what a fool he’s been? Yeah, maybe if life were a Hollywood movie where things are resolved in 120 minutes.

Ask yourself, are you willing to watch him date other women and eventually go on to get married despite all his past protest? Because that is the fate that typically awaits women willing to settle for friendship with a man they once dated.

I know this probably sounds all terribly unromantic and cynical but believe me, this is a positive message. Don’t waste time on a man who at best can offer you a “maybe” to having a future with him. If he can be honest with you, then it’s worth it to be honest with yourself.

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  • http://twitter.com/HouseUnseen Dwija Borobia

    Love that last sentence.  Good stuff!

  • http://www.lisagraas.com Lisa Graas


  • http://www.reflectionsofaparalytic.com/ Chelsea

    I actually agree with most of what you say here – however, I do know a woman, a very good friend of mine, actually, who has told me many times about how her now husband of several years did not want to have much to do with her when they first met (as she is several years younger than him and he was recently divorced) and she had to “stalk” him and “wear him down” to finally get him to agree to date/marry her.

  • ArchaicSteam

    Just for reference to those who confuse it… the friendzone is different than being friends and then later having a relationship. 

    The friendzone is where the friendzoned individual is missing all the signs (or deluding themselves that time will change things) that the other individual has no romantic interest in you, period. No ifs, ands, or buts. You might as well be another species for all that person cares.   

    I’ve known many people of both genders that have allowed themselves to be placed friendzone simply because they don’t want to deal with the fact that their crush has no interest in them and in the mean time they are missing out on other people that might be interested.

    And yes it does seem harsh but better harshness now followed by moving on and finding someone who does like you than years of stagnant hopes and bitterness.

  • http://twitter.com/byzcathwife priest’s wife

    off topic- do you want Mormon ads on your site? This ‘new’ Patheos is not all that great

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

      Patheos may be new but I’m still the same. :D

  • http://thehomesickhome.blogspot.jp/ L.

    The opposite is not true.
    When my husband met me, I told him I never wanted to marry or have screaming babies. He….persisted.
    I never did warm to the concept of babies, but he did manage to drag me down the aisle and we’ve been married 21 years and we have three kids.

  • Tanya

    …and this is all true….

  • daisy

    My uncle told his girlfriends that he would never marry. They didn’t believe him. One was left a bitter, broken drunk and one is still waiting after 20 years of dating.

  • Barb

    I had a friend whose boyfriend said something like that, along with comments that he thought they should have an “open” relationship.  She told him to hit the road and after 2 miserable weeks, he came crawling back.  They have been married almost 32 years.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.algarme Michael Algarme

    You nailed it this time Kat!  I don’t want to get married to YOU!  I highly recommend you see this 5 minute lecture from Prager University.


  • 63rdstreet

    A contrary viewpoint.   When I first met my (future) wife, and for some time after, I wasn’t interested in marriage and I told her so.    People change.  Circumstances change. People mature.  When I told her that I wasn’t interested in marriage, that was the truth. There was no unspoken “to you” in my statement.  We were on &off   boyfriend/girlfriend for seven years before we married.    In those seven years however,  when we weren’t boyfriend/girlfriend  we weren’t “just friends” or in each other’s “friend zone”.  When you’re rejected, you’re rejected, leave.  Eventually we reconciled, some 30+ years ago.

  • Farris 1977

    It’s really about self value. If a guy doesn’t want to marry you, why hang out with him?

  • Latynntg41

    Thanks for the brutily honest trutch

  • Anon

    You’re a fucking idiot

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

      Brandi D, please see my comment policy. You are now unceremoniously banned henceforth for poor manners and ill breeding.

  • Sara

    Im dating a guy for about a month now and he told me that he doesn’t know if he ever wants to get married again. (he’s divorced) it’s kinda scary to think about cuz I wanna get married…..but I don’t wanna waste my time knowing that he probably won’t. Do u think I’m thinking way to into it (its definitely early in this relationship) or should I just let this whole situation go??

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

      Sara, if you were my daughter I would tell you to walk away. You have two very different goals. There is nothing wrong with being honest and saying “Look, I respect your decision to not get married again after having been through a divorce; however, I plan to get married one day. We both have different long term plans and I wish you well. ” 

    • Tanya

      saying he doesn’t know isn’t the same thing as saying, “no” or “never”. A month is not a long time.  I would def. make sure he understands that you do want to get married (not necessarily to him) one day, that way your intentions are clear. I can understand his hesitation, but obviously the closer you get to him, the harder it’s going to be to walk away if he really isn’t interested in marriage. It’s hard to put a time frame to it b/c every relationship is as different as the people in them, but I wouldn’t go longer than 6 months. By that point, you’ll know…

  • Shannon E22

    Give me your advice please! I’ve been dating my bf for almost 2.5 years, and we’ve lived together for 2 years. Our relationship has always been serious and from the beginning we’ve both said the other is “the one”. Over the last month his assistant at work has constantly been texting him. I told him it bothered me and that I thought she liked him, he said I was just being jealous and they were just friends. This past Friday was her last day working for him and on Saturday she called him and said she has feelings for him. He has been honest with me about it and said he really didn’t see it but now he can see how he may have led her on always talking with her, but to him it was just as friends. He is now telling me that he doesn’t know if he wants to get married (he’s been married before and was cheated on) but is asking me to give him time, and he hopes/wants to think it will change. He says if he ever gets married again he wants it to be right because he doesn’t want to get divorced again, and something isn’t “right” since some other girl has liked him and he led her on. I do really care about him so part of me wants to stay and give him a chance because I don’t want to wonder what if? but the other part of me appreciates him being honest with me and I know that I want to get married and it’s not something I am willing to compromise on so I should just walk away… do I stay or do I get out? He’s been so honest with me (he’s always had a hard time opening up because of his past) and he’s also been very persistant in telling me that he loves me, and wants this to work etc. I don’t want to be irrational, but I also don’t want to be stupid. Help please 

    • Tanya

      Okay, but you asked….

      1. Move out. Yesterday. You moved in with him 2 yrs and no ring too early.

      2. He’s bsing you and maybe even himself. He knew he was flirting with the girl and vice versa. If he were 15, I could maybe see you giving him a pass by saying he “didn’t see it”, but by your description, he’s plenty experienced enough. I don’t want to go all “Harry Met Sally” on you, and my apologies to the male readership, but he’s a man. If he wasn’t interested sounds like he’s had plenty of opportunity to stop it. He’s enjoying the attention. Which is fine. Nothing wrong with that… if he weren’t living with and “committed” to you.

      3. Not only are his actions telling you he doesn’t want to get married, he’s actually telling you he doesn’t want to get married. Whether it’s this girl or his past, whatever. He doesn’t want to get married…. to you… or he would’ve done it already. Two yrs = enough time.

      4. I don’t doubt he cares for you on some level and that you care for him, but truthfully, this problem started two yrs ago when you moved in with him. (been there, done that) You’re “committed” but not really. I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume you’re sleeping with him, so, you’re willing to give him the most precious gift you have to give, but yet you seem confused as to how you expect him to act after receiving it. If he were your husband, would you be so quick to give him a pass on having another woman call him and text him all the time? Especially when you know he knows it bothers you? Right. Exactly.

      5. Confession. Confession. Go let a real man tell you what you’re worth and give you the absolution you need.

      6. Find a solidly single Catholic man who will love you, appreciate you, and respect you for the beautiful daugther of Christ that you are. They do exist.

      7. See #1

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  • 2012AR

    I have a son with my ex, and we are not dating but living together, I asked him to marry me, he says its unlikely, he says I need to earn it….I may not qualify for he family wanted me to be a perfect bride, but I am a caring person.  Should I wait around for another 2 years, or I should leave?
    We have stayed together for 2 years, is this enough?

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

      ” I asked him to marry me, he says its unlikely, he says I need to earn it”
      How heartbreaking. You have a child with this man and he says for you to earn his marriage commitment?! I’m aghast at his callousness. He is not providing a good example for your son on how to properly treat woman and by allowing your ex to treat you that way also sets a bad example. 

      I know it’s hard when you love someone unrequited and you have a child together but you really need to remove yourself and your son from this toxic situation. 

      You have my prayers and you are free to email me any time. 


    • Fiddlesticks

      My heart breaks for you. What an incredibly hurtful thing to say. Kat is right. Get yourself and your son out of this situation.

  • Mikamikgardner

    I hate to admit it but I like this article & in so many levels i feel like this article was meant for me. I have been with my boyfriend for a year and 7 months now and every time I ask him where he see us in the next 2 years or more he tell me living together and doing us. I ask about marriage he reply back saying why marriage? Or he don’t ever want to get marry?… & last but not least he will tell me well my mother never been married so why should I? I told my parents about it and two of my close friends and everyone opinion is telling me to let him go… But I’m one of them female as the article say maybe he’ll change his mind since we just fresh out starting in a relationship. Or maybe it’s an age thing. I’m 22 bout to be 23 and he’s 20 bout to be 21. & I’m more mature than him so maybe he just don’t know what he wants. I’m so lost right now cause I can do better.. But I think my boyfriend know I’m about to leave him cause since we been dating he always wanted us to move in together and I use to always told him whatever he wants we can do it, but I’m proud of myself cause I finally told him last night that if you don’t see yourself marrying me don’t

    • gitoffmenuts_google

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      • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

        Oh, dear. Unceremoniously banned. 

        • dogma

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        • Patti

          I accidentally hit like for that comment above and can’t take it back. I know it’s old, but it bothers me :(

    • tony

      I think it depends some on the situation but I’d say for the most part if a relationship doesn’t progress after a year or two words marriage for no good reason the woman is going to really get hurt! It seems like an epidemic of women knocking themselves out and the guys enjoying the perks knowing they’re in the drivers seat. The woman is too attached to do anything but stay around and hope and cry. The worst thing that will happen to him is she might leave but probably come back or he’ll get new girlfriend and the cycle begins anew! Every way he wins.

  • Mikamikgardner

    see us as moving in together. I don’t want to move in with someone who don’t see us getting marry.

  • Juliado

    Please I need advice:
    I am in a relation with someone for just five months. He is 13 years older than me and I am in my late twenties. He was married 7 years ago and get a really hard divorced. Then he started a real love relationship with a girl lasted for almost two years and when they were about getting married things complicated and she married someone else. He was madly in love with her and because of his divorce and that heart breaking he decided to not get married at all. Although he had many short relationship with other girls without getting emotionally involved.
    When we first met he told me so and we agreed to have a long term relationship but no marriage. when I asked him if he loves me he said yes but not the kind of love that ends like that. Our relationship is strong and adorable and we are soul mates and we are very close to each other and he only got seriously  emotionally involved with three women(his exwife, ex girlfriend, and me)
    I started to get afraid over the issue he might leave(travel abroad) as there is nothing formal between us and i told him that and that I am truly in love with him at that he reminds that he loves me as well but not the love that ends in marriage, then he starts acting coldly with me
    I know that our relation is short but I know how it will end and afraid to continue with a broken heart and i can’t break my promise to stay with him for a long time.
    The fact that he is acting coldly but he will act normally in a few days.
    It is stupid to ask what to do but i am completely lost………

    • gitoffmenuts_google

      LMAO…..     you’re getting PLAYED you dumb slut

  • Marleebail

    Sometimes when a man says he doesnt want to get married it has no bearing on his feelings for his partner but rather his feelings towards a worthless and pointless process of getting someone elses permission to love someone.  I dont need a contract or gods blessing to love my partner, Im quite capable of deciding for myself if I want to spend the rest of my life with someone. Only a woman could come up with the above garbage, no wonder youve been through it many times. Dont put a womans logic into a mans words and expect them to mean the same.

  • Tcherries2006tiffy

    Thanks I needed that. I have been with my guy for 6 years, we have two kids, andfor the longest time I thought he will when hes ready. Still confused though one minute he wants to get married, the next he doesnt. Im tired of seeing people be with there boyfriend and getting married after being together for a year or two. And because of this I put myself down all the time. Reading this made me relize that I need to work on me. I guess its time to have a talk, pack mine and my girls stuff and move on with my life……

    • gitoffmenuts_google

      somebody call the waaaaaaaaaambulance

  • Me1love2max

    Looks like I’m gonna be single again soon. Although he hadn’t told me he doesn’t want to marry me. He told me he will. But it’s been 5 years since I asked him. I don’t feel good enough…. Good enough to live together like a married couple but not good enough to actually marry me.

    • gitoffmenuts_google


    • http://www.facebook.com/ErynOConnor Erin H O’Connor

      I know exactly how u feel.

    • I’dratherbereading

      “Like a married couple” is not good enough, at least not good enough FOR YOU, and who else matters?? Cut yourself free. You DESERVE a bonafide relationship – we all do!

  • Lost

    I’ve been on and off with my man for about 12 years now (since high school) and I’m about to turn 30 this year, him 28. I’ve brought up marriage and kids in the past and hes always like “i don’t know” but will then think of baby names with me etc. I just made the ultimate sacrifice and moved across country with this man to “start our lives together” or so I thought. He just finished school and started a career and I really believed, “Now is my time! now he will put our relationship first.. all these years and sacrifices are all coming back to me!” hah! Tonight I ask him to be honest with me.. does he want to get married? and told him “I don’t know” isn’t an answer.. He said to me “No” and he said he doesn’t want kids either; he says maybe because he’s selfish and because he thinks of these two things as “IT” the end. Marriage and children (def children) ARE important things to me… what do I do? i love him, but is love enough after all this time? I want kids! I want a marriage! so much so that the day I met this man I said to myself, “He is the man I will marry some day”…. look how that’s turning out for me.. =/ I think it might be time to throw in the towel.. for good =(

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

      I think you already know what you have to do. My prayers are with you while you look to start a new life without him and his empty promises.

    • APPLE


  • kre1985

    i have been with my fella for 2 and a half years, we live together and he has taken on my two boys from a previous relationship. our friends teased us one night saying when are we getting married, my partner laughed it off then sat me down the next morning to say he doesn’t ever want to get married, that it has nothing to do with me it is just not something he wants. he said that he loves me and my boys more than anything and wants us to have a baby and buy a house together and live as a family and maybe in 10 years or so if were still together (which he says we will be ) have my named changed legally to his surname so we at least have the same name without having to get married. i spoke to my dad about this and he said that my partner has made a bigger commitment to me than getting married by taking on my two children and that marriage isn’t going to determine how much he loves me, i love my partner and have a brilliant realtionship but i just can’t get past the feeling that i have nothing to look forward to, am i being silly and selfish? should i count my self lucky that i have this amazing man who loves me and my kids wholehearted takes care of us in every aspect and ignore the fact he doesn’t want to get married.

    • Paris_Texas

      Why do you want to get married? What does it mean to you? Will it change the way you feel about your relationship? If so, how? You say that you will have nothing to look forward to unless you marry, what do you mean? Do you need marriage to prove your partners commitment to you? Hasn’t he already proven this? If you don’t think so, then what will it take? If marriage is the only way he can prove his commitment to you, then ask yourself why? If you’re looking for some kind of security against your partner leaving you then the issue isn’t marriage but your fear of abandonment, and sadly the 50% divorce rate shows that marriage is a poor guarantee against this. Perhaps you believe a wedding will validate your relationship in the eyes of your friends and family? If so a commitment ceremony could serve the same role. Honestly examine why it is that you want him to agree to marriage, and then perhaps you can articulate what your feel is missing from your current relationship, and what you think marriage will provide.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004264411526 Amanda Sanchez

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  • clarie

    i and my ex have been together for 3 years. we were good friends before that.
    we follow different religions and have been in a long distance relationship for almost an year now.
    couple of months back he called me up drunk and told me that he cannot marry me.
    i was obviously sad and asked him is he breaking up with me.
    he said NO and promised me that he will keep an open mind and will work and see past the “cultural” and “linguistic “differences.
    again almost 2 weeks back he came down to meet me and told me that he has come to break up with me.
    he told me that he does not want to be married. and what he said couple of months back was just to make me ready for this day.he told me that he felt as if he was cheating me by giving me a false hope and keeping me in dark with the whole marriage thing and that he did not want to cheat me.
    this obviously came as a shock as i was genuinely hoping that things would work out between us.
    we still talk. but i have not asked him why we are still in touch.he has never left me alone in any situation and i have a feeling that he is actually helping me get over him.
    i really like him,i cannot think of any one else taking his place. i still believe that he is the one.
    do you think i have any chance with him???

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

      I’m sorry. No. He lead you on for how many years and you continue to be cordial to him. Please, love yourself and don’t let him treat you like a doormat. I am sure he is taking your amicability as a sign that he has done nothing wrong. Shake the dust from your sandals and change your phone number – or block his. Peace to you.

    • http://theraineyview.wordpress.com/ Serena

      Linguistic differences are a small thing Young adults can learn languages pretty fast given a motive. But cultural differences are differences of values. This is obviously bothering him. It should bother you too.

  • clarie

    PS: he said that he still cares about me but sees no point on holding on with this relationship as he does not want to marry me.:(so he is breaking up..

    • keepinIt100

      He doing you a favor by not letting you waste your time. Cause you would off of “hope”. He does care and respect you by doing that ..that don’t mean you go running back now. Leave it be. No hard feelings.

  • tamara

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  • http://theraineyview.wordpress.com/ Serena

    Good post. Also, if a man tells you he wants to marry you but that he hates his family, hates your family and doesn’t believe in “selling out” by working steadily and living within the law, believe him there too and don’t marry him. Break up.

  • Anonymous


    I had a break-up few months ago. We wrote emails before we met. And we
    wrote very frequently. Both of us liked each other and we decided to
    meet. After the meeting, this guy tells me that he likes my company but
    he could not feel being married to me.

    But I have fallen in love with him and I found, I still find it
    difficult to believe that it is over. But this guy wanted to continue as
    a friend. I was heart-broke and I cut all communications from him.

    We were in different countries when we met. But now, I have moved to the
    same country as his. I got in touch with him, primarily because I had
    ended our communication at a very bad note. But now I feel, I am in it

    Also, this guy told me he is not seeing anyone else. The question I
    have, should I ask him to re-consider his decision and at least think of
    giving it another try. There have been so many cases where people,
    after knowing a person for years feel, they did not make the right
    decision. So, taking such decision, in meeting just once, does not sound
    very logical. And now, we are in the same country, so we can meet if we
    want to.

    The reasons, I have this question are:

    1. It’s many months since he broke up…but my heart & mind has
    still not accepted his decision. I have not moved on. I am not available
    emotionally to other prospective partners and I don’t feel like talking
    to any of them.

    2. He told me our personality match well.

    3. He is a very reliable and fiercely honest person…It hurts but I respect him for that!

    Please advise, if I should ask him to re-consider his decision and meet
    few more times? He can decline my suggestion but I hope it will set my
    head straight if nothing else. I can’t decide. Sometimes, I feel I
    should ask him. It will get me out of the dilemma I am in all the time.
    But other times, I feel, if physical attraction is all that matters to
    him, I may not be the right person for him.

    What do I do?

  • Evelyn M. Turner

    I believe that even when a man claim their love, vows to love you till death do you two parts, it’s never enough either. I have experienced both the I don’t want to get married, to the vows- and still the words of; “I think WE should part and He go off and find out if He can make it on his own and You’ve got 2 or 3 children, and they also add the words (to make sure he means he want to be with out you and ANY HANG UPS) “I mean-all by myself”, you know he’s done and you’re left with responsibility, children (if you don’t want to be like him and walk out on them too),rental lease,etc.
    I’ve been there done that and looked at it for what it was and “KICKED HIM OUT”. I didn’t wait for his reply. Today I am single, met a sweet guy-but asked myself do I want to go down that new road with him? Should I invite him in and see where it goes from this point forward? However he made an statement about =how he had been truly burned before with his once marriage thing- I thought-”DAM, he sounds just like m. Anger, left with a bitter taste in his mouth, WALL’S UP. I got honest with myself, “{Where you want to go knowing this?} Do I want to take it to another level? Do I want to leave myself ready for another bitter taste or should I make time for KNOWING WHAT I WANT-for myself and not try to fix myself up with another man at this point? What answer did I get? I don’t want to plan on tomorrow. I want – just “today”. Give me today! I don’t want to plan my life around another guy. Tomorrow might be a better day- .Love is where the Heart is,,, this is true. But FOR HOW LONG?

  • Nikki0264

    So I have been with my partner for alomost six years. The first few years i was in college and the thought of marriage and babies never crossd my mind. A few years ago i learned casually from my partner that he did not want to get married or have kids. I was beyond heart broken because after all this time, the reason i wanted those things was BECAUSE of him. Well a few years of hashing it over to no avail, he moved accross the country for a short while, only to return because he realized that i was the most important thing in his life, not a place, job etc. Shortly after he came back he was aware of my hesitance to jump back into the relationship and told me that on his way back home to me he realized that he undoubtedly wanted to marry me etc etc. I was thrilled!! Here was this amazing man i love, finally transformed, and understanding everything i had tried to relay to him in the past. The topic of marriage and kids came up often, he always responded with a smile and said that we would have those things soon.

    Well now he has seemed to change his mind on those things. I am still young at 26 and he wil be 30 this year but all of a sudden he is telling me he is unsure about kids. Ive tried asking why and he only gives me the logical answers about what if i have a job where i’m away from home a lot etc and that he does not want to give them a bad childhood. After our many discussion i asked about marriage, he seemed unsure about this too. About how he feels the concept of marriage is an outdated, church ideal. But the he does want to spend his life with me, just maybe not with the marriage.

    So here i am…now feeling stuck with a side of whiplash. How can one person not want kids or marriage, then change their mind and go out of their way to tell me they do want those things despite the fact i haven’t even mentioned them myself and shortly thereafter go back to being unsure? Im at a loss on what to do here. Part of me says give it time, see where our careers and such take us. But the other part of me is angry and wants to just give up.

    Ive tried explaining to him that within the next 6 months i need to know if he wants marriage and kids or not. I tried explaining that just because we want them, doesn’t always mean it will happen as life and reality unfolds. I need to know if he WANTS them vs what he thinks is logical. HE is such a logical thinker that he seems to have a hard time grasping the want vs. reality concept. If i know he wants those things someday then i’m happy to see what the future holds for us and whether they happen or not is a question of time. However if he simply does not want those things at all…well then i’m considering it may be time to go.

    Thoughts? Opinions? Id be very appreciative.

    • EVE

      After being in relationship with him for 3 years,he broke up with me,
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    • KeepinIt100

      Tell him I’m straight up like this ” this is what we’re doing. We’re planning our life together..we getting engaged, then married then having our first child within 2 yrs. because I don’t see what the pointed waiting is anymore. Is there any part of that you agree with?” If he doesn’t like that vision then leave. Seriously. I had a girl I loved very much. But I had xternal responsibilities – family to take care of. I couldn’t let her just keep waiting for me because she was getting very restless about it. Couldn’t just leave fam tho for financial reasons. They needed me. But I understood her points completely. Your man just want to keep sexing shorties right now. That’s the truth.

    • I’dratherbereading

      If he hasn’t proposed, it isn’t going to happen, and you ARE wasting your time with him. It will take courage, but let go. He’s doubting something, and probably for a good reason. You are young, cut out and set yourself free to find someone with the same goals! Good luck!!

    • Reece Carter

      Thank you so much Nikki, Katrina, and Debbie I have read all three of you all heartfelt stories and needed some advice about my own relationship and I realized after reading you all stories I am not alone. My name is Reece I am 26 years old and I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years and the issue I having with him is that I want to get married and have atleast one kid. I’ve been in love with this man since I was 21 and for the longest time he has been very doubtful on the concept of marriage and the ideal of having kids. I have been very successful in everything I do but unlucky in areas where positive changes are needed ..I am moving on and you should too Nikki life is too short to wait on broken promises and unfulfilled wishes

    • Hickory

      Wow, your story very simpler to mine. We have been together going on 7 years. He had always had a wishy washy personality. we love each other and I have invested a lot of pashents in this relationship with his career. He proposed then moved out of state the next day for work training for one year. The moment I got engaged I wanted to plan a wedding. I would visit him and talk on the phone trying to get a date set. He pulled every trick to delay it. We started fighting a lot and the distance did not help. 8 months after the engagement he broke up with me over the phone with a lame reason. And blocked my calls and did not have any communication with me for. 5 months. He moved agine for a job after the year of training was over then calked me, it was 4 months later, thrilling me he missed me and still wanted to marry me and have kids. I dragged it on 4 a few months to make sure . I had to move out of state give up my career and believe him. He apologize for not setting a date and said we would do all that . I moved in hinted around about setting a date I just got bulshit oh ya I think we should get married he said it’s been 3 months we have been fighting because heis not following through. I said if you don’t pick a date I am moving back. He then confessed he dose not want to ever get married. I said to me of just never. He said never. I am 34 years old invested a lot and love him . I am distroyed the way he has handled this. He has wasted so much of my time. He had said we were not happy living togethet do we should move on because it’s not fair for me to stay if I want marriage because he can’t give it to me . Like I said he is wishy washy and wan not taking in to concidetation the stress of moving in together and I was do a lot of pressure for a date. I think he believed that’s is how marriage would be. I convinced he to give it another chance being I invested so meany years and a move. He side are you going to be ok if I never marry you. I said I love you and I will never bring up marriage agine. In my heart I want to marry and am not ok with it , but I am giving this another chance with another approch. With all hope the pressure off the table will put the ball in his court to make the move. I am try this to lay off the marry me and pick a date or else. That did not work for me and pushed him to saying no. I could be wrong but I am going to give the approch a chance and not let marriage hang over my head. It’s painful and I am sure people will say he does not love me, but I believe in my heat he does but is very immature and selfish and need more time then most guys. I can’t help I fell in love with him.

  • Surprise

    I fell in love with a man 33 years ago, I was 15, he was 18. He was also seeing another girl, and ended up marrying her, she was pregnant. I went to the friend zone, and he and I remained friends. I married twice in that time, and his wife left him after 29 years. I had no intention of dating him, he was my bestest friend. One thing led to another, and he flat out told me he never wanted to marry. I was heartbroken. I had loved this man my whole life. Then one day he flat out changed his mind. We have been married for 1 year.

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  • kimberly

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  • Elena

    Hi, I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 5 years now. Dated 3, now living together 2 years. He’s 40, I’m 31. I kind of forsetely moved in (i didnt want and couldn live in my studio rental shag and besides i lived with him for 4 months while paying for apartment- it didnt make sence and i thought he’ll come around). When the Marrige issue and having babies came up during last 4 years, he gets all tense and doesn’t want to talk about it… I turned to a nurveous wreck and whenever I see families with kids, I feel like my heart gets cut. I love him with all my being but can’t help sometimes being bitter…I’m upset all the time- I’m happy when we’re together and not thinking of marriage. Now we work together and it makes us good partners(not without diferences but ends up all well, as we both perfectionists, we take it seriously)
    About a year ago, after another long and sad conversation on the future and Marrige and kids — we decided that he should get me a place (as I almost to fully completely depend on him financially- he doesn’t mind)- we looked at some apartments- it was horrible, then finally he said he found a place to buy – but it doesn’t mean that I have to move in there- it can go for rental and he (then and now) says he doesn’t want me to move out but something has to happen as he feels stuck… We broke up before- it was kind of funny- he would call in 2 weeks and want to meet and we would get back together again.

  • Elena

    Now we renovating this place and getting furniture like for myself, but he still says he doesn’t want me to move out…. I’m sick and tired….I very afraid that if ill move out, it will be the end of it. He has issues with intimacy as he’s going for therapy and i can’t tell if it really helps. He says he cares for me but its very hard for him to say he loves me- I know I might sound stupid, but why am I still living with him and why can’t he just tell me – that its over… I told him that not knowing is the worse…. I can’t …. I told him to tell me what’s really on his mind… It’s very difficult to have a conversation with him… Why can he just let me go then…. Instead he asks: ” what do you want to do with your life?”.. And don’t tell me he’s comfortable and or it’s sex- trust me he’s not comfortable when I have my mood swings pms, getting angered for not making decision and reminded that all of his friends are having 2-3 kid and others getting merry taking me as their witness and that when I’m catching this fu….. Bridal bouquet, he s looking at me like I’m nuts… Please help….I hate him for doing this with me but most of the time I don’t show it… And when we’re together not talking about all that- we are pretty happy.

    • I’dratherbereading

      You have to take control of your life: live off your own earnings and live in your own place. This guy is no good for you. You are dependent on him and that is a no-go situation. You can’t support kids if you can’t support yourself! That is the modern truth: you cannot count on a man to support you! And he is a mess. You can do much better, but you have to pull yourself together first, and then be really picky about the next guy. Good luck!!

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  • bnbj

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  • LostAngel86

    I need some advice, I been with my partner for six months
    and I been asking him if he wants to marry me and he said yes, but when he is
    ready. And he is the type of guy that likes to go to parties, drink and smoke
    ash which is the so called ‘legal’ version of pot. And he is in his late 30’s
    and I’m only 26. Most of my family members are worried about this relationship
    and one of my cousins’ told me that he sees prostitutes when they are in town.
    And he told me that he stopped when he started to date me. And I’m the one that
    steers away from such things.

    It was only yesterday that he told me that he is not ready
    to get married. And to me and he saw the pain in my eyes and said to me ‘we
    will get through this, together’. And to add to this he bought the engagement
    ring and I asked him ‘what should I do with the ring?’ and he didn’t give me a
    real reply to it.

    And I’m at this point where my heart just can’t go on as he
    leaves his place without his phone and I’m worried that he will change his mind
    and not get married to me at all. But it was last Sunday that he yelled at me
    for not staying at home, while he was at a friend’s place (we live in separate places).

    And he yelled at me when we had dinner and he said that he
    was ‘stressed’ out about something. And we were trying for a baby, but I stopped
    it as I want to know where I stand with him. I feel like I lost my path in life
    and I fear that he will never want to marry me at all.

    I need advice on this as I don’t know what to do anymore :’(

    • KeepnIt100

      Stop fooling yourself. Dude don’t want you. He’s not excited by you.. You think he going to go from hoes with tight outfits to you with conservative elegance? Please. You need to move on. It sound like the only thing you two are building together are arguments and complaints. Leave now. No hard feelings. Don’t get pregnant. Don’t get pregnant. You’ll be alright.. You’ll find another guy along th way who told his Ex girl the same things but is now ready.

    • I’dratherbereading

      I fear that he WILL want to marry you, and you actually go through with it! The guy is a LOSER. You are competing whores? Please re-read what you wrote, as if some other girl wrote it, and what would your advice be?? DITCH this guy YESTERDAY. You are strong, you can do it. And then you will be able to meet someone better!

  • Love Barry

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  • http://www.facebook.com/ErynOConnor Erin H O’Connor

    My man told me he doesn’t want to get married. He also said that he wants to be with me for the rest of his life. But, he just doesnt see the value in marriage. I got mad, and told him we have different future plans, because i want to get married. he then proceeds to say that since he wants to be with me for the rest of his life, we have the same future plan. I continued to stay mad at him. How long should i stay mad?
    I want to get married soooooo bad. I want to wear a wedding dress and have his last name. I don’t understand why he doesnt.

    We have been dating for two years, and he hasnt gotten me a piece of jewlery. Am I being to needy?

    • meee

      Yes you are being very selfish and superficial. You seem to care about the act of getting married (dress, jewelry, party, all eyes on you) rather than the state of being married.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jeancito.prada Jeancito Prada

        but if that makes her happy, why not?, that is what someone who love does, makes the partner happy or at least to try it. Normally women think about that special moment to happen with the man she loves. Ceremonies and rituals are as old as man kind, in lots of places of the planet, people make a celebration to call the rain, to thank for food, when they come back from hunting, they drink, dance, wear special clothes or accesories, because it is special. Please do not try to convince women that celebrate the fact that she has accepted to share her life with the man she loves, with “that special man” is a selfish thing. For my own experience, selfish is what lots of men do and it is that, yes they love the woman but they do not want to get married because they do not want to have a commitment or see themselves in a future situation of lost of material things in the case of separation or being in the situation of paying something. I know a guy that told me that he never wanted to get married until he met a girl and he was so in love with her, he was desperated for her and he even bought the ring with a diamond, he did not want to wait a week. So what about that? men loose their heads when they are truly in love, when they are not in love enough, they do not want to rist a hair for us.

      • Fiddlesticks

        I want to be with my husband for the rest of my life, but when he gave me an engagement ring, I felt on top of the world. I felt like he really wanted to be with me to have gone to all the trouble to get the ring and arrange the proposal. When other people saw the ring, they could see too that he wanted to be with me. When I walked down the aisle I didn’t just feel special myself, I was telling the world that this guy was special and I wanted to be with him. Does all this make me superficial and selfish?

  • kim

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  • Dylan

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  • mika

    i am married now about a year and my husband is not ready to have a baby yet.he said maybe after 2-4 years but i was thinking He doesnt love me at all because he is not considerate of what i feel.It should not be me asking a baby but it should be him who should ask and be excited to have a baby.but it doesnt seem like that at all>>i am so confuse if he really love me ?why marrying me when he is not ready for a baby.?i dont get it at all…i need advice.

  • Jen

    If you love him enough, you will stay with him. Whether he wants to get married or not. If you are wanting him to marry you and he says no and you break up with him, then you never really loved him in the first place.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

      That is largest crock of shit I’ve ever read. In fact, it’s so asinine I’m deleting this comment.

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  • debbieatlakeview

    First date with my, now, husband, he blurts out, “ya know, I’m never getting married.” I say, “good, who’s asking?” I just continued to date him. because it was better than sitting home. I said to myself, I’m only going to stay with this guy for six months. If someone else comes along, in the meantime, I’m going for it. About six months in to it, I had a bad car accident. The cop on the scene asked me out. I accepted. That night, my boyfriend and I went to his dad’s house to celebrate his birthday. I was going to tell him about the cop. He says, “we need to talk.” I’m thinking, “OK, here comes the big sayonara.” Next thing out of his mouth, “will you marry me. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and I know you’ll never live with me if we’re not married.” I was flabbergasted, but said yes. I had to tell him about the cop, and the next day, I had to call the cop, and cancel our date. That was 26 years ago, and three kids later.

  • kay

    my man just informed me after being engaged a year that he just isnt ready to be engaged right now but he doesnt want to break up and he wants too wait till the times right what do i do??

  • MarcAnthony

    I’m still friends with my ex. She’s had a boyfriend since we’ve broken up. I don’t care. Neither does she. We’re not getting back together, and neither of us are under any delusions about that.

    I know of several people like this. It’s not really as uncommon as it seems.

  • Jossie

    I’ve been in a relationship for a month shy of 8 years. We’ve lived together for 4 years. I’m not ready for children, and neither is he. We both decided that was a decision to make in the future. He states that he wants to be with me for the rest of our lives and tells me everyday how much he loves me. I’m 25 and he’s 27. Every time that I have brought up getting married, he says that he wants to buy a house, be financially stable as to have a nice wedding. So, I’m really trying to make a budget and put forward thousands of dollars in order to save for a house deposit, but it seems that he’s less interested in that. Last night I brought up getting married, and he says things like ‘ what, do you want children too now? *in a facetious tone* and ‘I want it to surprise you’. What do I do? By the way, I stay at home, study part time and clean, cook and do everything a wife does. I wish I could understand why I treat him like a husband if I’m only his ‘girlfriend’ or ‘partner’, but I want more than that. Marriage is a symbol of love and I don’t know what to do.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

      He’s stalling because he’ll never marry you. If he wanted to he would have done so by now and you know this. He mocks you and you stay? You know what do t0 – leave now.

      • hypnotoad72

        I agree. ‘what, do you want children now, too?’ comes across pretty much as being derision. Some people legitimately do not marry (I’ve relatives who have 6 wonderful kids and have been together for 20+ years with total devotion, but are not married) BUT the moment a partner acts derisive — it is time to make an ultimatum to at least get respect or to leave. You NEVER mock a partner, since that is anything but love. Human existence is too short to begin with to tolerate such JERKS.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Viktor-Mihaylov/100001748560024 Viktor Mihaylov

    Ya ,belive him !! Ok. Men are more honest ,men are not that pretentious ,men don’t want to be charged with rape ,jails are full already with Alpha males .

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeancito.prada Jeancito Prada

    what a sincere article is posted here. I know because I have read articles related to this subject like 4 years ago because my partner did not want to marry me. I live with my partner like 6 years. when we were living 6 months I started to consider the marriage since then he had told me all kind of excuses, fear, not prepared, too many problems in the relationship (which 80% were about marriage), he is waiting for the perfect moment…name it. after 4 years we got separated and when he saw me in a party that I met a very intelligent and good looking man, he asked me to come back home, I came back with the condition that we would get engaged in the next 6 months and married after one year later. the last day of the deadline he bought a cheap ring in an outlet and asked me “to be engaged with him”, but in our first discussion he told me he did it because he was forced and he did not want to lose me. One of those days my heart was definetely broke, I felt so miserable, like he tought I did not deserve him. The think is, I love him but, I aske myself the same question every morning, why he did not want to marry me. Honestly I am a good gal, good appearance, they say intelligent, very caring and funny latina, I would never cheat, I think I have been too honest. He is a dry german that is even lazy in the bed. We are now 6 years and he still does not even consider the possibility of marry me. I really think I wasted my time with him, he is just confortable living with me and I think he kind of “love me?”, I have tried everything and I feel exhausted about it. I want another man that really understand me and I know I can find him. I can tell to other women, every case is different but do not think that they will change their minds, we are valuable enought to be asking a man to marry us when they have to be behind us trying to conquer our hearts otherwise, those men are not for us. I personally will take actions this year, life is too short…

  • isabellaluckier

    This is so frustrating. I’m young ( only just 22) but have been with my boyfriend for 3 years. He always says he doesn’t want to get married when he sees something on tv about it or something like that. And although we’re young (he’s 23), marriage is always something I’d put in my longterm plans.

    His reasoning for saying this is always “I saw what it did to my parents.” He says the same about having kids.

    Am I wasting my time with hI’m or what? I keep hoping that he’ll change his mind when he gets older, but I think in the back of my mind I know better.

    Any advice?

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

      Advice? Yes. Leave him. If you want to get married and he’s repeatedly said he does not, then you have very different goals.

  • jin

    i am also hoping to get advice. First I excuse myself about speaking broken English..
    I am 31 years old and he is 29 years old. We have been dating for two month. At first, he asked me to be his girlfriend and we are officially in a relationship. I feel he does things that he should do as a boyfriend. He didn’t go to church but since I go to church, he goes to church and bible study with me.. He calls every other night to talk…Also we fight a lot. Like we fight every other time when we see. but we resolve the problem at that time!

    But the issue came not too long ago. He said once ” I am not marrying you!” Later he said, ” I am not thinking of getting married yet..”
    He still is going to school and left 2 more years to graduate…

    I am Asian, and he is American. So basically we fight because of miscommunication..
    Anyways, after that, I am confused why this guy is going out with me if he doesn’t want to marry me…
    I feel so insecure, going without direction…

    I am not happy… I am hoping to meet someone who is considering marrying in a short time and settle down. But I like him…

    Could you give me the advice?

    • MaggieSnarkface

      BREAK UP. You fight all the time and you’re not happy. Why would you want to marry someone under these circumstances?

  • Linda R

    Musings: Most men eventually get married. Most men are told by society, their parents, the media and their buddies that the good times are over when they get married, so postpone it as long as possible. When you’re well into your 30′s, they are told, you might want to start to think about, maybe, perhaps, possibly, if you’re not too busy hang-gliding and drinking cocktails. Then life intervenes. Sometimes these men, in their late 20′s, start to realize that all the desirable single women have been snatched up?! They begrudgingly come to realize that their beer bellies and receding hairlines make them less desirable, themselves! Then it dawns on them: if they don’t get married pretty soon, all the girls they’ve been dating who already have one child, might have two or more by other men, and then they’ll NEVER GET TO REPLICATE THEMSELVES AND PASS ON THEIR REALLY OUTSTANDING DNA! Yikes! So the ones who get to be 35+ finally get married, having no experience accommodating another human being or sharing space. What are their chances for marital success? Boys – wise up – marry young and marry well. Have your kids before your DNA gets pock-marked.

  • Guest

    Yep, my “partner” says he’s apprehensive about marriage. His dad cheated and that had a big impact on him. He tells me often that he’s super committed to our family and I know he loves me. However, I can’t help but feel like if I was the right girl he wouldn’t have the same hesitation. I put myself down about it a lot. It makes me feel undesirable, not sexy, and like I’m his 2nd choice. However, he’s a great dad and I want my kid to have his father around so I guess I’ll just have to deal with being the runner-up. I love him too, but I’m sure neither of us are ‘the one’ for each other. I hate that I’m feeling this way already and our amazing baby isn’t even 1 yet.

  • grace

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  • carla

    hi i have 5 years relationship, we are 2 years long distance relationship… is ok i wait for him? because he always told me he want to back someday and we will together..im 30 years old and i want get married but my boyfriend said we need to save money before we settle down.. sometimes i saw his picture hang out of Filipina friend and i might jealous and insecure.. everytime i ask him dont be mad because its my social life but believe me i’ll be back and do my best that we are together.. pls. help me what should i do?

  • Becky Salami

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  • Niki

    I (37) have been with my boyfriend (27) for three years, lived together for two and have a 9 month old daughter, I have two children from a previous marriage 10 and 13. I am not sure if I can honestly say he’s taken them on I think he tolerates them?For example when he’s not working (he’s a chef) he will cook their dinner, occasionally help with homework and play on the games console with my son, he has walked my daughter to school on occasions. But there are no cuddles or anything like that, i dont expect it as he’s not replacing their dad as they see him on a regular basis, he’s their friend. We contribute equally to the household financially, we have the same annual income so money is not an issue. He left me before I became pregnant after suffering a breakdown. His reason for leaving was that he didn’t feel good enough for me, I had everything, furniture, rent in my name and he brought nothing to the relationship as at the time he was unemployed looking but struggling to find work. I told him it wasn’t about who had more, it was about love and wanting to share a life together. He moved out while I was at worked into a room in a pub round the corner, walked, drank and did some work in the pub kitchen while I was left heartbroken. He later told me he walked passed our house every night because he missed home. He would often pop round to see if we were ok and secretly cleared the drive of snow when we had some! He also confessed the day after he had sex with a barmaid and then spent the rest of the night alone crying about his unfaithfulness. I chose to forgive him and gave him an ultimatum – that he was either going to come back and repair the relationship or that he would collect his things and leave me alone forever. Needless to say he come home, went for counselling and we worked and still are on our relationship. We seem to have it a rocky patch again, the combined stress of a baby, a job he hates, him working 70 hrs a week, the death of my father and grandfather within a year of one another and his sisters repeated suicide attempts, alcoholism and anorexia, have caused us to treat each other poorly, we don’t argue we just ignore each other and are rude until one of says we have to talk, stupid I know. Well we had one of these talks recently, we agreed that his constant drinking was becoming a problem as he wasn’t sleeping properly, tired, and moody which meant his patience with our daughter was 0 leaving me to do everything, and I mean everything! Therefore I was starting to resent him and become depressed and fed up. We were also talking about using my inheritance from my grandfather down as a deposit on our own house. We had made an appointment to speak to an advisor and view a property we both liked. A few days later he had to go back to his family home as his sister had become unwell, when he came back we concluded our talk with him stating that he did not want to buy a house together as again I would be putting all the deposit in and that it was all uneven as he didn’t and couldn’t raise that sort of money. He also said (which stung incredibly) that why should he invest his monthly salary in to a property that 1. Should we separate I would take my deposit back first and then split any money we had made he would have very little or 2. If we were to die and leave the property to the children why his daughter would only get a third whilst my two children would also get a third but also anything their own father leaves them. He feels why his hard earned money should benefit my two. I did explain that they were all my children and I would not favour one financially over another and who’s to say their father would
    Leave anything to them if he got remarried or had more children as mine certainly didn’t when he passed away. I spoke about him setting up a policy for our daughter if he wanted to that would provide for her future in the event of his death but he just said why should he have to pay out more money when he was investing in a property that he feels his daughter should get a larger share of as my two have their own father to provide fro them. I was shocked, upset and pretty angry when he voiced his opinion and I told him so. Now I face a differ cult decision, do I continue this relationship hoping that in the future he’ll changed his mind or do I purchase my own property and let him decide if he wants to move in with us? I did say that not doing anything financially for his daughter was worse than investing in property that she would get an equal share of. Or do we in the event of our demise split the asset 50/50 his half my half, our daughter gets his half and my half is divided equally between all three? Is his point valid? Am I just protecting all of my children’s futures?

  • Jj Chen

    You can pressure him to get married and make him feel sorry for you….But Ive never felt the desire to get onto my knees and propose…

  • vice

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  • Tired

    My husband swore he would never get married and in fact just got out of an 8 year relationship when he met me because he refused to marry her. We got engaged at 6 months and married on our one year anniversary

  • Kite Monica

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  • nina

    Ty this really helped I’ve been with my man for 12yrs n I tried to talk to him about marriage. … he’s like I’m not Christian blah blah blah I’m not either but i think every women dream is to be able to know how it’s like to walk down the aisle. … anyways basically. Were never getting married n yes i did hope he’d ask but i guess there isn’t such things as fairy tales gl everyone

  • Michelle Fabregas

    HI… so I’ve been with my boyfriend for 2 years… I am 30 he is turning 40… I have a 8 year old daughter.. he doesn’t have kids… we have both been divorced. The problem is I want to get married again.. and he says he would be happy if he never gets married again. I want to get married and show my daughter what love and a beautiful relationship can be. I love him and he is a really good man.. but I refuse to live my life with a “boyfriend” for the rest of my life. He says he wants one kid, which is good because i want one more, but then not get married. I’m so sad and frustrated, I try to ignore it, but it keeps coming out and he gets annoyed. We work together and spend a lot of time together. I think after two years of a very intense, together, relationship one should know if they want to get married. He is scared that because it didn’t work the first time it won’t work the second time. sigh…… i told him to let me go if he really doesn’t want to get married, yet he just says he might some day… What does that mean?? Should I wait forever? I don’t know what to do or say anymore… He makes me feel that if I break up with him because of a piece of paper, then I’m just selfish and I”m giving up on us… :(.. if someone has advise please help…

  • Stay or not stay

    Hi, I have been with my boyfriend for 4.5 years, living together 2.5 years with anther roommate… We are both 27. For the last couple of years, when i asked him what do you see us in the next 2-3 years. His answer was pretty much the same: The same as right now. Why can’t we take it to the next step? Because “He is not 100% sure. Marrige is a big deal, I want to be 100% sure” So basically that sounds to me he is not sure about ME, not sure if I am the RIGHT one for him. My brian tells me I should leave and move on, but it’s just so hard to do. I love him very much. We are both each other’s first boyfriend/girlfriend. He tells me he loves me and cares very much about me but he is just not sure, and he does not want to drag me for he doesn’t know how long either. It’s not fair for me…

  • foot propped on a star

    9 months and no answer. :-(

    • WJD

      the way you talk about him sounds pretty great. I’ve been with my sons father for 15 years. We broke up three years ago for several reasons. During that time I had the opportunity to be exposed to the dating scene. I was 36 years old and I am extremely attractive and accomplished. I was mortified at the quality of single men out there. My sons father had been trying to get me back and I realized how lucky I am to have a good man who is committed to me. We are back together and going strong. We’ve never been married. Neither one of us cares about that legal contract. Just saying, consider the alternative of getting back out there and starting the hunt over. How important is “marriage” to you?

  • Watson

    This is a really, really stupid article. It basically encourages you to make assumptions and not communicate with your spouse. If a guy says that he doesn’t want to get married, there could be multitudes upon multitudes of reasons why that may be.

    The person may not be ready for such a thing; they may value commitment and integrity to an intense degree, therefore view marriage as a big deal and not something to just simply rush into; your significant other might also have some past or personal negative experience regarding marriage, that they need to spend time resolving; or maybe they just don’t know what to think about the subject. There could be hundreds of different reasons why they may not want to get married.

    Simply stating that men are straightforward beings, is stereotypical. Everyone is different. All men aren’t just one certain way, and neither are women. Some men may be straightforward, while others may be indecisive, aloof or make quick, heavily-emotional decisions without thinking about what they’re actually doing. If a man says that he doesn’t want to get married, then talk to him about it. Don’t take it as a personal attack. Be mature. Communicate with one and other.

    I’m telling you this because the person who wrote this article is most certainly not a relationship guru. Relationships work through passion, intimacy, commitment and communication–communication being one of the most quintessential parts. Do not take this idiot’s advice and just make up what your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s reasoning. Instead, talk to them.