Complete and total girly blather…

… Warning: I’m about to get all girly on you. Like cosmetics, hair products, pretty frocks and cute boys girly. You’ve been warned.

Dweej is cute as a bug – which is a weird saying because bugs aren’t cute – and I love her blog. Today she featured her Top 10 Cheap Beauty Products. Two of her favorites are also loved and used by me; Oil of Olay and Cover Girls cheap as heck stick blemish concealer. Although for the life of me I can’t imagine why any girly-girl would want to smell like Lever2000.

Allow me to share with you a few of my favorite cheap-o beauty products;

1- Ponds Cold Cream. I can’t find any other product that hydrates and cleans while making my skin softer and not clogging pores. Also, it’s non-greasy. This is a big plus during muggy summer months.

Excitement not guaranteed. Tea set not included.

2- Witch Hazel. Did you know there are 15 uses for this stuff? Even better you can buy jugs of it for $3-6. I use it in the morning to cool down ruddy spots in my complexion and reduce puffy eyes. It also comes in handy for treating sunburns, bug bites, and poison ivy. Really, any place you have skin inflammation can be treated with witch hazel.

3- Sunscreen. A absolute must for the fair skinned girl. Well, any girl going out in the sun. Sun is bad. Sun gives you wrinkles, cancer, and ruins your hair. Put sunscreen on everywhere… even the tops of your ears if you wear your hair back. And don’t forget your hands either. Age spots and wrinkled hands can give away a women’s age more than a few laugh lines and crow’s feet. For my body I use cheap-o store brand 50+ SPF. For my face I use Oil of Olay with SPF and I make sure to put a lip balm with sunscreen on before applying lipstick. The only thing I am brand specific about is Oil of Olay. Everything else I buy on sale or store special. Penny-pincher rule #1 is to be non-brand specific. Oh, and here’s an article on the best and worst sunscreens for you check out.

4- Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum. OK, so $10.99 isn’t all that cheap but all you need is a tiny dap of this stuff so it practically lasts forever.

5- Yardley Soap. Like Dweej, I swear by bar soap. Liquid soap doesn’t last as long and is 5xs more expensive than bar soap. I absolutely love love love Yardley soap. They even sell it at the local Dollar General store. I’ve been known to buy 20 bars of their lavender soap at once. It’s a sickness.

Creepy doll not included.

Have I ever told you my obsession for vintage clothing? It’s what happens to rock-a-billy chicks when they grow up. The style matures a bit. Diary of Vintage Girl is my total girly blather indulgence. My favorite thing, besides all the delicious clothes, are her tutorial videos for styling your hair. Her blog is where I learned that a victory roll isn’t a fat roll you gain after successfully completing the Big Eats Challenge.

No tweed was harmed in the making of this photo.

In other news, I sort of have a crush on someone. I know. I’m 35. Are we supposed to still get crushes? Anyway, he’s very quiet, wears tweed, smokes a pipe, and is very gentlemanly and highly well read. And very very Catholic. Naturally, he doesn’t know I exist. Or if he does I’m just the strange girl that keeps staring at him during mass. I see him with a woman who looks more like this…

and less like this…

So I will continue to admire him from afar. To cope, I cut my own bangs last night. It’s this weird compulsive thing I do whenever I get bored or have nothing to write about – cut my own hair. So yeah, right now I look pretty jacked.

To cheer myself up I called the IT department this afternoon and asked the guy “how do you do the thing on the website that does that stuff… you know, the thingy that edits the internet?” Have you ever heard a man’s head explode?

Well, looking on the bright side, maybe my dad will bring me back something nice from his Mediterranean cruise.

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  • Gosh I sure do love you, Kat.  Fo rizzy.

    And for the record, Lever 2000 smells like cleanliness personified.  There is no “scent” or “fragrance” or “odor” or “some other word I can’t think of”!  When one exits the shower, one has a clean slate upon which to splash any other pleasant smellies.  Such as, you know, deodorant.  And eau de toilette.  And that garnier hair stuff that you *know* smells mighty fine.

    And I haven’t even been drinking.  How you like them apples?

  • LOVE Oil of Olay, and I’m a Yardley soap addict, too. (Mmm! Lavender!) was buying it at Dollar General, but just glommed a bunch at W***-Mart for 97 cents each!

  • That is NOT a creepy doll.  That is a vintage (1950’s) Madame Alexander Cissy doll.  I  was given one the year it came out.  It is one of the all-time most beautiful dolls in the world.   It was the first doll to wear high heels and have a real “girlie” figure.  They can fetch up to $1000.00 in good condition.  Mine was stolen from our house along with my Madame Alexander bride doll.  I miss my dolls!!!!

  • Ink

    Alas, I wish I could use the lavender soap.  It smells so good.  (My mother stockpiles it, and my sister stockpiles the verbena.)  Sadly, weird skin allergies to all-bar-soaps has forced me to spend more money >.<

    Witch hazel, huh?  Sounds like I need to get lots of this stuff.

  • Mary

    My mother used nothing but Ponds cold cream. I’d like to mention one other vintage product. Coty Face Powder. My mother used this too. It was loose powder which she dabbed on her face with a powder puff. That was her entire beauty routine and she remained beautiful until she went to God at age 91.

  • Lydia Cubbedge

    Due to poverty, I have begun using Oil of Olay, and I am VERY happy with it! Also, witch hazel is every girl’s best friend, especially the rose water kind. I know, it sounds completely old lady-ish, but I can’t  afford to drop $100 at Sephora for a bunch of Philosophy products and witch hazel calms skin down and shrinks up pore so well. I’ve had a problem with major frizziness since moving down South, so thanks for the anti frizz recommendation!

  • Kingshounds

    I like your list! But I want to make one suggestion. Because my daughter has been dealing with low vitamin D levels, I’ve been investigating the subject.  According to current research, it looks like vitamin D deficiency is becoming a problem for the general population. This is potentially very bad news because the benefits of vitamin D impact everything from blood pressure and insulin production to cancer prevention. The problem is most acute for young women who have more melatonin in their skin.

    Anyway, the reason I am bringing this up is because we have been told for years now to wear sunscreen at all times, with the highest level of protection possible. The medical community is rethinking this position because our bodies use natural sunlight to produce vitamin D, which isn’t readily available in our food sources.  While we shouldn’t go out and bake in the sun every day, it looks like we should spend regular intervals in natural sunlight without using sunscreen. 

    I’ve included a link to one article on the subject:

  • Ber01649

    Yardley lavender soap gets tucked into my underwear & unmentionnables drawer to make everything in there smell nice. My grandmother used to do this and I always associate her with Yardley’s scent.

  • Paige

    I love Dwija, and have tweeted her as much. She’s like a Catholic Bloggess.

  • Agreed on the sunscreen and witch hazel being two things that should be in every person’s essential stuff cupboard!

    The guy you like sounds like he could own a monocle too.. 🙂

  • Seraphic

    If you know enough about him to know that he is quiet and well-read, he must know you exist. Hmm… And quiet, shy men often admire loud, outgoing women. I will ponder this. 

    • I know he is intelligent, well read, and very Catholic from his blog. OK, so him not knowing I exist is a slight exaggeration. We have several friends in common. I’ve admired him for years but the interest is not reciprocal.  Romantically he doesn’t know I exist. Is that better?  

  • Seraphic

    Incidentally, the great Nancy Mitford confirmed that a women gets crushes to the very end of her life.

    • That’s actually unfortunate. I was looking forward to old age when I can stop giving a damn.