Hump Day Humor…

… Last week I took my son camping. My car was hit in the campground parking lot. While my car was in body shop undergoing repairs I was issued a rental. This rental car was rear ended last night by a kid texting and too busy to notice traffic in front of him was stopped. Then I return the rental and pick up my car, after much explanation and paperwork, only to find my car in worse shape than when I dropped it off. The body shop dented the passenger door and scraped a 8 inch scratch along the length of the trunk hood. When I got a thousand apologies from the body shop the rental car company called to say that the other guy’s insurance company only authorized a rental car in the range of $25 daily. They issued me a $30 a day car and expected me to pay the difference. Oh. Oh… and the body shop’s estimation for the repairs was 4 days. It took nine. They said I was being charged for the additional days. I was having none of that and firmly stated so in some very un-Christian colorful language. Sigh. More shit to confess, I suppose.

Wait, wasn’t this was supposed to be a “Hump Day Humor” post. Too bad.

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  • Lisa Graas

    I’m convinced we live parallel lives. I was hit in the parking lot the other day and it put a dent in my bumper. This shook loose the ‘stop leak’ that I did not realize was in my radiator from the previous owner, hence my already-broken (which I didn’t know about) radiator drains now, until I can get it fixed. My son took the cap off before it was ready and the scalding water exploded on his face. Only first-degree burns, but still….plus the ER visit cost me $100. Meanwhile, the lady who hit me thinks it’s my fault because I failed to blow my horn at her. (I had just come out of the store and gotten into my car and had my head down, so I didn’t see her coming.)

    • Lisa Graas

      P.S. We must get together sometime and drink beers.

      • Sister MM

        I’ve been hit AND robbed, both in the church parking lot. May I please have a beer (or two) with you?

        • Lisa Graas

          Oh, my! Of course! Are we living in the Wild West, or what?

  • The Catholic Science Geek

    I once had to get towed all the way from Maryland to Jersey, with barely just enough money to make tolls. The car’s engine was shot, so I had to scrap the car. My insurance did not cover that sort of thing…. My dad entrusted me with his own car while I attempted to shop around for a new one. Within a few days of having my dad’s car in my possession, a huge snowstorm hits. The next morning, I shovel my dad’s car out and as I am shoveling, I keep coming across bits of plastic, bumper, etc. I find a little ticket that had been inserted into the car door hinge. It was a police ticket citing some sort of accident. I keep the ticket and don’t think much of it until later that afternoon when I get in the car and attempt to drive to my dad’s house. 

    I was going car shopping that weekend with my cousin (who understands more about cars than I ever will). I get the car started, make it one block down the road when I notice that there’s something funny about the way it’s moving. One of the wheels in the back was off the axle. It turns out, the bits and pieces I had shovelled up were from a pretty serious car accident. A call to the police reveals that a woman had plowed into my dad’s car before the snow hit. She was fine, but I ended up having to get the car towed and wait for 2 hours in the snow for my sister to drive up from my dad’s and take me home. Fortunately, my dad’s insurance paid for a rental…but it was all such a nightmare….

  • Christine Falk Dalessio

    Seriously laughing. And, I am so sorry.
    Hope you have wheels again, and something that deserves to be laughed about. Ugh.

  • Jeannepergande

    Sometimes the cross gets pretty heavy. I am all for the Teflon Cross with wheels.