Pope Benedict – causing me to reevaluate my genuine dislike of the feline species..

I don’t know if this one is photoshopped too, but I definitely see kitsch potential in the theme… Pope Benedict with kitties.

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  • Dennis

    It’s Photoshopped.

  • Michael

    Remember he’s only infallible when he speaks ex cathedra in matters of Faith & Morals. This means he may bein error about felines (unless he’s speaking about the “cat”echism)…

  • Angela Pea

    Hm.m.m.mmmm  I am a former genuine hater of the feline species.  They do grow on you. Much less needy than a dog. 

  • tj.nelson

    This is totally not photo shopped.  I believe!  Yeah.  Can I get an Amen!

  • Kim Whelan

    How can you tell it is photo shopped?  I love how content the cat looks

  • Ad Orientem

    Bogus as a $3 bill. But cute all the same.

  • You must love cats. See, the Pope is teaching this ex CAThedra to the CATholic Church!

    • Lydiamcgrew

      I kid you not: At my Baptist high school thirty years ago, they brought in a speaker who preached from some passage in the Old Testament about a leopard (in Daniel or Ezekiel?), then claimed that the leopard represented something really bad (the devil or the antichrist or something) and then claimed that “Catholic” means “Cat-holic,” which means “addicted to the cat,” which means that Catholics are followers of the “leopard” from this passage. He was serious, too. 

  • GB

    Papa Bene looks so tired. My heart is so full of concern for him, but I know Our Lady will help him and Our Lord will provide what he needs. Do you know how his health is?

  • Kay

    Unfortunately, this one is also photoshopped.  Here’s a link to the original:


  • Mimi

    Ooooh, we lost our kitty earlier this month. I do so dearly miss having a cat curled up in my lap.

  • Karen

    It may be photoshopped, but the Pope does indeed like cats.  One more reason to adore him. 🙂

  • “The Catholic Church’s relationship to Judaism as taught by the Second Vatican Council and the interpretations and developments of that teaching by subsequent popes, “are binding on a Catholic,” said the Vatican official …”

    So they wish.

  • Han Ng

     The Pope is all like: “Why do they always sit on the lap of those who are allergic?  Now if I pet it, I will be sneezing through the entire Mass after crossing myself.”