And the Heavens rejoiced…

… Not only did the new gun range, located less than 3 miles from my home, just open last weekend, but it looks like a liquor store is being built right next door!

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  • michelangelo3

    ATF, here we come!

  • Andy_12345

    Yee Haw!

  • Wes

    All you need now is a Wafflehouse and you’ll have what we call the Missouri hat trick!

    • lethargic

      May God bless Waffle House and may their business prosper.  They saved my backside that horrible terrible no-good Christmas wehn we had to be on the road to race 6 hours home to take care of a broken furnace and the two toddlers needed to eat and there was no food to be had … except at Waffle House … wonderful Waffle House!

  • Gregg the Obscure

    The one at the far right looks like my mom, but she would only have appreciated the liquor store and not the gun range.

  • Barbara B

    Aww, we can best you here in rural Virginnie:  down the road from me, is a beer joint where you can also buy guns.  Legal, too, because of being grandfathered in.  Yee haw, indeed!

  • Rfrendz

    That’s my girl. She’s a pistol packin’, liquour drinkin’ mama- and you don’t wanna be tickin’ her off.  She’s likely to reach right through that computer screen and pop a cap in your (you know what). Who knew they would name one of the most violent hurricanes in this countrey after her.

    • wdtprs7485

      Sigh. This is why parents should have internet access. 

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Sigh. And this is why parents should not have internet access. 

      • Rfrendz

        Love you, sweetie.

      • James H


  • Rfrendz

    I thought I would add; She is my baby and I love her.

  • Rfrendz

    You might see this if a convent opened up next to the gun range.

  • Rfrendz

    And here’s what might happen if  Kat decides to join the convent.

  • Rfrendz

    And here’s what you might see if Kat joins that convent. Go get ‘em girl!

    • James H


      “What did I tell you about writing on the walls, Paddy?”

  • lethargic

    ooo Lucky You! 

  • drea916

    CRESCAT!!! Don’t you know the shooting range is the best place to find men!

  • tcn

    Like you had better plans for the weekend?