Friday Fun…

… It’s 2012 and I was promised a flying machine by now. Science, you’ve been put on notice. The people who designed these postcards in 1910 would be majorly disappointed.

Is there anything better than summertime and a sweet watermelon slices? Yes, yes there is. Summertime and Vodka saturated watermelon slices. Another fun idea to do is use a mellon baller and stick the vodka balls in the freezer to use later as ice cubes in Southern sweet ice tea or in frozen drinks. Of course if all this sounds too much like cooking, might I recommend just sticking the funnel directly into your mouth.

Here’s a heart warming story of 9 Nanas who secretly did charitable deeds and ran a cake selling business for charity nearly 30 years; not even their husbands knew. They’ve been secretly buying groceries, anonymously paying people’s utility bills and other acts of kindness for over three decades. The ladies can be found at Happiness Happens.

And what’s Friday without a little girly blather? Have I mentioned how much I heart Modcloth? Well I do. And if you are in the market for a not-trampy swimsuit that’s classy and figure flattering check out their super cute selection.

And lastly, summer break is no excuse to let your kid’s mind turn into mush. They should still be reading daily.

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  • Jenna St. Hilaire

    This post is made of awesome from first sentence through final photo. Happy Friday.

  • Kristen Lueken

    Science called, she says those things are called “airplanes.” We have them, they just fit more than one person. :)

    Seriously though…. I’ve seen the way some people drive and I do NOT want them coming at me in 3-dimensions. Planes flown by only professionals  seems like an ok idea to me.  ;-p