I’d like to buy this priest a beer…

Fr. Ted faces off with Kim Franke, organizer of a rally to support the sisters and the LCWR, at St. Augustine Cathedral (Kalamazoo, Michigan) on June 10, 2012.

Like a boss.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Timothy-Burdick/22402125 Timothy Burdick

    That’s how we do it in the mitten.  

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Timothy-Burdick/22402125 Timothy Burdick

      Fascinating connection I made about 2 hours after watching your post: There are two types of people in Michigan, those from the upper peninsula (whom we call “yoopers”) and those from the lower peninsula.  What connects us is the Mackinaw Bridge.  Since those that are not “yoopers” live below the bridge, and we call them, yep you guessed it, “trolls”… just like this lady :-)

  • Ink

    A beer?  The man needs a scotch or vodka.  Something much stronger than just a beer.

    • http://thecatholicsciencegeek.blogspot.com/ The Catholic Science Geek

      …maybe a bottle of Excedrin as well. My goodness, all those heretical interruptions and foolishness would have given me a migraine! Props to him for keeping his cool.

    • Unrepet catholic

      Box of cigars, case of beer and case of what ever. But it appears a good rosary will do just kindly.

  • Julie Robison

    “I think Jesus meant something different” [when he said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life"] … Welp, I think that explains a lot!

    I also find it interesting that she wants to talk to the Bishops, but she’s not prepared to talk to a local priest.

    • Gospursgo2

      No joke! Where does this woman teach religion and can they please fire her?

    • http://www.thinveil.net Brandon Vogt

      And that she’s prepared to vigorously protest before “preparing” her thoughts.

      • http://www.elizabethhillgrove.com Elizabeth Hillgrove

        Eggggggggggggxactly. But then again, after being in the political realm for a few years, it doesn’t take more than a vague idea of which “side” you want to be on to make you a protester, ready for a debate. Her skill is in interrupting and telling her opposition that what he is and isn’t allowed to address when rebutting her.

  • http://www.facebook.com/neal.l.meyer Neal Meyer

    Goodness…it’s a good thing I didn’t become a priest, if I encountered that lady I’m sure it would have degenerated into a shouting match.  That’s a great priest!    God bless him and his ministry!  

  • http://ad-orientem.blogspot.com/ Ad Orientem

    Wow. Just wow.

  • http://www.theroad2emmaus.blogspot.com/ Jeremy

    …aaaannndddd this woman is no longer a Catholic. 

    • BGLM

      Exactly!  When Father asked what her parish is at the very end, Kim Franke replies saying “I have a home church….I’m not in a parish.”  What kind of malarkey is THAT?!  And this woman has two theology degrees and taught in Catholic schools for 16 years?!   That is truly, truly alarming and frightening.  I tremble to think of the countless souls she led astray.

  • Steve Robinson

    God bless this priest (and all others). He is obviously a wise man.  Would that many more of his kind will be ordained. 

  • Christian LeBlanc

    So gracious.

  • http://www.facebook.com/janet.butler.94 Janet Butler

    Whenever you hear the phrase “spirit of Vatican II” and “I don’t think Jesus meant…” in the same conversation, you can bet what you’re going to hear ISN’T what Jesus meant. :-) I can’t believe he could stay patient all that time. That woman was condescending and insulting, and he kept his smile and his friendliness. Sheesh!

  • Marqus

    The sisters and the LCWR have wandered away from the teachings of the Catholic Church. They need to either be obedient to the Holy Father and the magisterium or remove themselves from the Catholic Church.

  • John Gordon

    I DON’T BELIEVE THERE IS (A) TRUTH. Followed (or preceded by [I forgot]) I have two degrees in theology and have taught RE for 16 years.

    I wouldn’t buy Fr Ted a beer, I’d go with (as someone commented earlier) a bottle (or case) of scotch and a box of cigars, and whatever he needs for the next 10 years. The man has so much self-control talking with these harpies.

    If 5% of the men leaving the seminaries across the country are like him… there is hope for His church.


    p.s. Could you get a few more motorcycles and trains in the background, please?

  • http://profiles.google.com/christinehebert65 Christine Hebert

    I couldn’t watch beyond 5 minutes.  People who use half truths and make comments like “some Catholics believe that” in regard to infallible issues really irritate me.

  • GB

    Fr Ted is my hero!!!!

  • GB

    Fr Ted is my hero!!!!

  • Oregon Catholic

    Fr. Ted was indeed very patient and pleasant. Bless him.

    When I was watching I became almost physically ill at the in-my-face realization of how far apart people who call themselves Catholic have become. She was like the stereo-type of everything I have gleaned from reading about liberal catholiks. I cannot imagine there being any meeting of the minds, we are so far apart. I am truly afraid that there will be an attempt to create an american church based on their heretical ideas. And like Michael Voris they will continue to call themselves catholic while preaching heresy.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=728802907 Christine Niles

       How on earth does Voris preach “heresy”? Examples please?

  • tcn

    Somebody needs to smack that woman with the Catholic stick upside her head. She is no more Catholic than my cat. Seems her argument is not with the Church or with Jesus but with her muddled brain and sense of entitlement. She cannot argue her way out of a wet paper bag, but she keeps demanding that Father follow her loopy thoughts, and at no time did she listen to anything he said. My father refers to these women as harpies.

    • http://www.elizabethhillgrove.com Elizabeth Hillgrove

      Call me a hippie… but Jesus told us to Love, not smack people with proverbial sticks. Let’s pray for her conversion instead of insulting people like her. Fr. Ted sets a great example.

  • Chezdever

    I felt as if I’d wasted my time trying to follow and parse her arguments when, at the very end, Father asked her her parish and she answered that she didn’t have one, she had a “home church.” In other words, she’s a Protestant. If she’d led with that, the obvious first question would have been “Why do you care about the internal affairs of the Catholic Church?”

    • http://www.elizabethhillgrove.com Elizabeth Hillgrove

      If you look at the blog of the woman who posted the video here you can see that the main woman used to be a sister, but now she’s married. Apparently, it’s “too difficult for her to attend Mass” because of how women are “not fully incorporated into the liturgy or ministry.”

  • drea916

    WOW!!! That is humility. I wish I could stay that calm, cool and collected. Yes, that Priest needs kudos. (Did you notice his age? Hm, not the old men that are out of touch with our modern world is he?)

    She mentions that poor parishes are forced to buy gold chalices. That doesn’t sound right. Aren’t they usually donated by someone (usually a rich parishoner or someone else) I don’t think the Church is guilt tripping poor people into buying gold chalices. Our parishes’ Alter Society recently put out some envelopes for people to donate money for new Altar Stuffs, but it was totally voluntary. Yeah, and if people are having illicit sex, they aren’t paying attention to what the Pope is saying anyway. So, why do they keep saying that the Pope has to ok condoms? Oh, so is THAT why AIDS is still around!? Don’t think so.

    Also, I think that these women would hyperventilate if she knew some of my girlfriends. They don’t use ANYTHING to space children, not even NFP. GASP! (None of them have grave reasons, that I know of.) Young Catholics (the kind that go to Mass, like every Sunday.) are way more Orthodox than these women know. Catholics that go to Church on Christmas and Easter, what do they care about any of this? Just a pretty place to take their wedding pictures.  Young Catholics who are serious are Orthodox. Young Catholics that aren’t, don’t bother with any of it. It’s kinda hard to have a foot in each side now a days. (Not like back in the day.)

    • Ink

      Priests are often given a chalice at their ordination by family members or friends.  Also, the Knights of Columbus in some areas collects the chalices and other sacred vessels of closed churches or deceased priests for the purpose of donating them to churches (or sometimes schools) which need them.

      Basically, obtaining sacred vessels of precious metal is not a difficult thing for poor churches.  It is, frankly, required in the GIRM that at least the bowl of the chalice be lined with precious metal ideally made of it but a lining is acceptable).  I posit that the reasoning is this: Christ is Truly Present in the Eucharist!  That chalice holds our KING.  Does He not deserve gold?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=752576871 Colet C. Bostick

    What a gracious man. He obviously cares about both the truth and these women. I hope to be like him someday. *Not* being like him quite yet, I’d like to add: these old, shrill crones are on their way out. This hippie liberation theology thing is so tired. Please. 

    • BGLM

      Yes….and they’ve contracepted themselves into being a much smaller group….and they’ve raised children who are doing the same.  It’s the ironies of all ironies and it’s wonderful.  Hopefully, because they’re limiting their own numbers, we’ll have fewer and fewer of them to deal with.  One can only hope.

  • Magnificatlady

    why oh why is it that all of these women and their ilk who “fully support the sisters” all seem to be lacking any visual feminine qualities?!
    and they act with even less feminine grace!

    They look like a bunch of bra-burning Man-haters!
    Come to think of it, so do the females who promote abortion!

  • CDC

    Where can I send a THANK YOU card to this wonderful, wonderful man?