St. Anthony and never ceasing to be amazed…

… I can’t not conceive of a day when I will ever be bored with Catholicism. I learn new things every day. New awesome things, like that St. Anthony had an incorruptible tongue. No, seriously I had no idea till today.

I also didn’t know he was a spouse finding saint either. I thought that was St. Ann… you know; St. Anne, St. Anne, find me a man. Sadly, my knowledge of him didn’t extend past knowing he was the go-to-guy when you lose your keys or the remote and that he was righteously bad ass, nicknamed “The Hammer of Heretics”.

I tried doing a novena to him that one year when he was stalking me. I swear! He was! St. Anthony turned up everywhere I looked. It was freaky. I bought a painting at a thrift store and when I went to re-frame it there was a an old print and holy card of St. Anthony stuck back there. And I found a St. Anthony medal in the church parking lot. And my son said St. Anthony was his imaginary friend and reminded me to watch my language because St. Anthony was listening. Always listening. Creepy stuff I tell you. I never finished that novena so I think he was haunting me. Except saints don’t really haunt. But they do stalk. I know this for a fact.

So yeah, St. Anthony was such an impassioned preacher that God didn’t see fit for his tongue to decompose.

“O blessed tongue, which has always blessed God and caused others to bless Him, now it appears evident how great were your merits before God!”

Isn’t that absolutely astonishing? Miracles are real, people. Catholicism is full of them; miracles and wonders.

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  • Lee Gilbert

    “If You Seek Miracles . . .”  The Lyrics in Latin and English:


    Sung in Latin:

  • Steve Tirone

    My man Ant’ny saved my daughter’s life after I threatened him, and took my comatose grandmother home to the Lord on his feast day after the fire department put her into the coma. My family has had a long and rich history as clients of Saint Anthony.

    It feels so liberating to admit this.

  • Ink

    I am firmly convinced that St. Anthony hides your things if you haven’t spoken to him in a while, just to make you remember that yes, you DO need saints.

  • Gail Finke

    I did not know that about his tongue, or about him being called “Hammer of Heretics.” I live near the National Shrine of St. Anthony, and the Franciscans that run it are not big on “Hammer of Heretics” type things. But they do love St. Anthony. I went to the shrine on his feast day, and heard a wonderful homily about how St. Anthony kept heading one place and ending up in another. And did you know he ended his days in a sort of treehouse in a walnut tree? Also, he was made a saint less than a year after he died. 

  • Gail Finke

    Lee Gilbert: They sing an English version of that sequence at the Shrine. They have a novena prayer service every Tuesday during the day (with the quickest Eucharistic adoration ever, perfect for an ADHD type like me) and a novena mass every Tuesday evening. I have lived about 5 minutes from the Shrine for more than 16 years and I had no idea about this until about 6 weeks ago. I’ve gone 3 times now and 30 or so people, most of them the same people, have been there.