when I let my mind wander…

… How does one solitary show end up in the middle of the road? Where is the other shoe? How does this happen? Who goes walking along and loses their shoe and thinks “Eh, I don’t really need that” and keeps on walking? And why are there so many single shoes left in the road. Is it that common to lose a shoe without notice? This strange occurrence has me baffled.

Obviously the logical conclusion is alien abduction.

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  • Shmikey

    I tell my kids that the socks that are found in the street are the ones that tried to make a break for it from the dryer, but got run over by a car, thus explaining why there are so many unmatched socks in our laundry…..

  • Brad

    Unfortunately they remind me of a really bad call I had when I was an active paramedic. The mother became our patient in short order.  Fortunately I was able to learn how to deal with such calls.  I now work with youth trying to help them heal from their traumatic experiences. 

  • Tim in Cleveland

    If I had to guess, I’d say alcohol was involved… lots of alcohol.

  • katy

    I was just pondering this very question yesterday when I was driving home and saw yet another lone shoe in the middle of my street!!