Changing Everything But Ourselves…

… Today I realized I’d forgotten how to pray the rosary. No, not the prayers. The meditations. Was today the Joyful, Luminous, or Sorrowful Mysteries? I couldn’t remember. Then I tried to pray the Angelus and that also escaped my memory. Geesh. There goes my street cred, I thought. And what business do I have writing a Catholic blog, my conscience answered back.

I’m not to be held as an example for anything, other than being totally human and utterly spiritually lazy at times. And you can always tell when I am neglecting my prayer life because I start blogging about the gays, and the libs, and the heretics, and baby killers. Anything, I suppose, to divert attention away from the only thing I should truly be concerned with – making sure my sorry sinning ass gets into heaven. Oh, and making sure my son gets there too.

Yes, there are such fundamentally horrific sins that deserve our righteous indignation but in our zeal we run the risk of trying to change everything but ourselves. Or at least I do. And when we take it upon ourselves to get up in arms over every wrong what does that imply about our trust in God to dole out justice, I wonder.

Anyway, I’ve been a bit fanatical lately. It’s who I am, especially when I’m feeling particularly guilty about missing confession or forgetting how to pray the rosary.

Don’t mind me. Enjoy your explosives and alcohol tomorrow. God bless ‘Merica. Amen.

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