Do not take nutritional advice from me. Ever …

… You know what I have for dinner when my son’s not home and I don’t have to cook, or I come home late from work and don’t want to cook, or more typically just don’t plain feel like cooking?


Or maybe a Poptart and a glass of wine. I’ve also been known to eat a bag of Cheetos over the kitchen sink. What? No one’s around to see. And judge.

See. It’s not good for man to be alone. If I were I’d quite possible be dead from scurvy by now.

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  • Timothy Canny

    If men are to live without women, they must not live without rules. – St. Bernard or St. Benedict

    Methinks this might also apply for women without men.

    Yes, I said “methinks”.

  • Ron

    Poptarts and a glass of wine!! LOL!! Wonderful!!!

  • Angela Pea

    The puffy cheetos or the crunchy ones?  I like those really puffy, twirly ones. 

  • Suzanne Rutherford

    When I have the rare night to myself, dinner is almost always comprised of a jumbo sized bag of kettle corn and a Big Gulp of Cabernet (no straw of course, you know to keep it classy).  Usually accompanied by any season, 1-12, of Murder She Wrote or Father Dowling Mysteries.

  • Robwardle

    Poptarts are great! You can eat them hot or cold and they are main dish AND dessert in one scrumptious bite.

    • Sue

      Try frozen poptarts sometime.  They’re actually better than hot!

  • Jenny

    So here’s my favorite “No one else is around” meal. My husband detests it.

    Take a can of chicken broth and put it in a sauce pan. Add water until it is almost full. Add in a healthy tablespoon of butter and oregano and maybe sprinkle some garlic powder in it. Bring to a boil. Dump in a full bag of baby ABC pastas — — lower to simmer and walk away. Let it simmer down until all the water is gone like you are cooking rice. Takes 20-30 minutes so, really, walk away and do something else. Put in a bowl and add a generous serving of parm cheese on top. Yum!

    It takes about five minutes of prep and 20-30 minutes of simmer.  And, like I said, my husband detests it. 

    • Katrina Fernandez

      You lost me at “sauce pan”. Too much cooking and effort involved. 

      • Jenny

         Oh, it’s not completely cook-free, but it is high on the sloth scale. Especially since you can get two meals out of it.

  • Sherry

    On the other side of the looking glass, I get the scraps of what was dinner…so I’ve learned…if I finish serving and there’s nothing left for me after all ten plus whatever person demanded seconds, it’s Klondike bar dinner time. 

  • Sacredcrocheter

    Dinner alone-frosting in a can on anything, Diet-pepsi (of course) watching complete series of The Walking Dead on Hulu.

  • Ellen Parrish

    Cereal is not so bad for you really – just have to watch the one you choose. :)  But a yogurt and a piece of fruit in a blender is good too.  Let’s see – roast beef lunch meat on crackers w/”whatever fruit’s on sale cheap at Aldi’s this week – they are an AWESOME resource for having healthy crap that costs next to nothing on hand that you feel guilted into eating because you don’t want it to go bad and waste it.  Pinto beans on boil in bag rice you make in the micro? With chopped onion on top?  Luck’s pinto beans are pretty tasty out the gate.  Or just dump ANY cheap cut of meat into the crock pot in the morning with some equally cheap potatoes, onions, and baby carrots.  Can’t go wrong.  Sorry you’re not feeling up to cooking…. Oh – maybe MARGINALLY better for you – the comforting .59 cent chicken pot pies from Aldi’s as well.  I love them.

  • Manny

    As far as I’m concerned, that glass of wine is all the nutrition I need. ;)

  • jk

    My favorite is wine and cheez-its.  Wine is made of fruit you know, so it’s a serving.

  • Rfrendz

       Here’s an idea. Cut up some fresh fruit, Nectarines, Bananas, Pears ( Bosc are the sweetest and crunchiest), then add some vanilla yogurt. Put some soft soothing classical music on so you’re more prone to eat slowly (no TV.) Enjoy a healthy meal. You’ll feel full and you’ll feel better about your choice. 
       You can only abuse yourself so much before it takes it’s toll. If you have junk laying around, you”ll eat the junk whenever you feel week. Worst, your children will eat that same junk and then you’re setting them up with bad habits that will harm their health later.
       Have some comfort food. Who doesn’t? Just read the labels as you’ve done on the Pop Tart, and remind yourself that most of the ingredients are pure crap! If you eat crap, you will  feel like crap. If you feel like crap you’ll join a convent.  If you join a convent, you’ll bug your Mother Superior. If you bug your Mother Superior, she’ll send you to a Siberian convent. So, don’t eat crap!! 

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Can you not lecture me in public, dad. Geesh. 

      • Rfrendz

        It’s called healthy advice. If it doesn’t embarrass you to tell people who you don’t know, that you’ll eat a whole bag of Cheetos over the sink. Barf! Why would it embarrass you to have someone who loves you to offer a healthy alternative. 

  • David

    Aw, it’s all in your mind! Just look at those PopTart ingredients! They have “dried apples” and “dried pears!” That’s food, innit? 

  • Cordelia

    We’re into pretty hard-core nutrition around here – as in, Soak Your Grains! Drink Raw Milk! Hooray for Leafy Greens! – but when I need a super-quick meal-out-of-a-can in the summertime (no saucepan required…I promise) it’s usually canned salmon with mayonnaise and black pepper – ideally with some fresh tomatoes and basil or minced up chives. E-a-s-y. And then I eat some dark chocolate.

    Take your dad’s advice…