Firefly getting reunion TV special, and the people rejoiced…

Firefly is getting a shiny new TV special. To celebrate the cult-favorite sci-fi drama’s 10th anniversary, Science Channel is shooting a new one-hour special chronicling the Firefly cast reunion at Comic-Con this week.

The special — titled Browncoats Unite — will include footage from Friday’s reunion panel, featuring several members of the original team including star Nathan Fillion and creator Joss Whedon. Plus, the cast is shooting an in-depth behind-the-scenes roundtable interview that will dive deeper into burning fan questions about the beloved series. Both the panel and the roundtable will be moderated by Entertainment Weekly‘s own Jeff Jensen. [Read More]

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  • Ad Orientem

    Your earlier post on the series inspired me to look into the series and I was sufficiently intrigued that I looked it up on Netflix and settled in to watch the first episode last Saturday. It was five hours before I finally took a break from the series to eat. I finished all of the episodes on Sunday and also saw the movie. It was a great show and I am disjointed that it was cancelled.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Don’t you hate it when you get sucked into a series and then it ends and you’re all like, now what am I supposed to do with my life?!

      • Ad Orientem

         Yes.  I don’t get too upset if a series ends after a good run and it’s done in a way that resolves the major plot lines. But yea, killing a great series one season in and leaving everyone hanging does kinda suck. I’m glad they did the movie which helped tie up at least most of the really big loose ends.

  • amanda

    What?  It’s Friday already?   (What great news!)

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Some things are so imperative they can’t wait 2 days.