That’s pretty much how I feel every time I turn on the TV…

… Or go outside during the summer. Pornography. Every damn where.

Ladies and gentlemen, please put some clothes on. That it all.

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  • michelangelo3

    Give those kids time. In about 20 years, they’ll look better clothed. Just like most of us.

  • L Schneider

    Could not agree more….

  • Beth

    We spent a lot of our vacation time at various swimming holes. I cringe at how much skin I saw, then I wonder “where the heck are all the fathers in the world!!? 

  • a father

    kids don’t listen to their fathers anyway!

  • Ignorant-redneck

    I was reading new and one of the headlines was all about an actress in a see through blouse–with links to the pics, I guess.  America loves it’s porn.

  • robertgwirth

    I suspect those kids have developed an immunity of sorts to exposed skin.  However, I’m sure they haven’t developed an immunity to sunburn or heat sickness.  When their skin gets all leathery about age 40, they may well regret their 3/4 nudity.
    Another really dumb thing I have seen is youngsters riding bicycles or jogging in skin-tight clothing.  And black, at that!  They’re inviting heat sickness.  Yes, for vigorous exercise, skin-tight or very baggy clothing is needed to prevent chafing (I learned that in acting and dance classes decades ago) but at least baggy is modest.

  • Christine Hebert

    My 12 year old son sees things on tv or in public and says “Put some clothes on!”  He will leave the room if there are scantily clad women on the screen. Now to just keep him in this mindset of guarding his eyes!

    • Lee Gilbert

      For six decades now the television industry has been
      deliberately walking our morals down. How many times have we not thought of
      rising in righteous indignation and turning off the TV, but we did not want to
      be or to seem to be prudes. Besides the offending program was only slightly
      more racey or scandalous than the program the night before. 

      In an allocution on radio and televsion in 1949 Pope Pius XII
      quoted the pagan poet Juvenal, “Nothing impure in the home!” What
      would happen to the Sunday collection of the pastor who made that a theme of
      his homilies for the next year and seriously endeavored to pry the remote
      control from the hands of the fathers in his parish? 

      Nothing impure in the home? Not televised sports with their
      cheerleaders and salacious ads, not the Sunday paper with its materialism and
      sensuality, not the G rated dvds with their scatalogical humor? 

      It’s great that your son leaves the room when these images come on.  The tragedy is that his parents allow the
      images in the room in the first place. 
      Why should he be tempted in his own home?  He comes home to be safe, not to be tested by
      walking a tightrope over eternal doom. 


      At 12 he leaves the room,
      but at 13?  When you notice that he is no
      longer leaving the room, it will be too late. 
      So many are concerned about “hardcore” pornography and
      “the culture” while mainstreaming that culture together with
      entry-level pornography into the bosom of their homes, including most Catholic
      parents.  This very shortsighted, for as
      someone once pointed out, “Don’t forget, if your children go to Heaven,
      you get to go too.”


      For the love of God, throw
      the damned thing out. 

      • L.

        …or change the channel?

  • Kathykalinarn
  • Apstemp

    Yes, much of it is pornographic.  They make fun if decent morals by equating them with backwards old peasant women from third world countries.  The nice trashy ladies and the drooling guys are much more sophisticated.

    Move over Yahya, I’m on your side.

  • L.

    Hmmmm. I don’t think it’s porn unless they’re doing something sexier than eating lunch. They’re next to a pool, so I don’t even notice anything out of place in that photo.

    I am personally not comfortable revealing too much skin, the vast majority of the time. Even decades ago, when I was toned and lithe, I preferred long skirts, and tops with no visible cleavage.

    When I’m swimming? Different story. It’s not about sex, though — it’s about mobility. I would be naked (in the water), if it were legal and socially acceptable. Alas, it isn’t, so I cover the indecent bits when I do my laps.

    But I am embarrassed by seeing other people having sex, which is why I have felt embarrassed watching porn with friends sometimes.