The apple doesn’t fall far…

… About three days ago my son published this on his own blog;

“Have you seen the commercial with Smokey the Bear saying “only you can prevent forest fires”? Every time I see it I laugh because it’s so stupid. I mean it really is when you think about it. I’m only in 4th grade and even I know that the four main causes of wildfires are lightning, volcanic eruptions, spontaneous combustion, and rockfall sparks. I don’t have any control over any of those things. I thought the causes of forest fires was pretty basic natural science studies stuff that most people know. Actually I learned about the four causes in scouts but I already knew about lightening. Everyone should already know lightning causes a lot of fires and nobody controls lightening. Although it’d pretty cool, like Zeus or something.”


“Not everything bad that happens to the earth is our fault. A lot of it is natural causes. Aren’t grown up supposed to know these things?”

I thought it was a tad apropos given yesterday’s discussion on the total bunk that is “global warming”. If you stop by his blog, please know that it is heavily moderated by me. He is only nine after all.

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  • Sacredcrocheter

     You must be very proud to have a son who is already a critical thinker at this tender age!

  • Alphazulu99

    And then Jesus said, “Global warming is real. Kirk Cameon is a fucking idiot. And I’m totally gay.”–Jesus H. Christ

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Le sigh. Please refer to my comment policy. 

  • s-p

    You have one awesomely and scarily smart kid there.  :)