the Ghost of St. Lawrence Basilica…

… For my birthday I met some friends in Asheville over the weekend. We went to have a few drinks and laugh at the painfully ironic hipsters and dirty hippies. We were well entertained. However, no trip to Asheville is complete without a stop at St. Lawrence Basilica, where I recently learned they have a haunted loo.

No seriously. They have these weird little bathrooms under the church offices and the ladies room has 2 toilets sitting side by side. When I was washing my hands, the one toilet flushed by itself and then the toilet paper roll begin to unravel itself unto the floor. I swear I didn’t touch it. I also swear I hadn’t been drinking. Much. No one else seemed to think I had a legitimate paranormal experience. No one ever believes me. I wonder why that is. And how depressing would it be to spend eternity stuck in a tiny bathroom watching people do their most intimate business with nothing but a roll of toilet paper to keep you entertained.

I’d want to haunt a chocolate factory or something. Or maybe a bar. Or the barracks of the Swiss Guard. What? I haven’t been drinking again. Much.

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