the Ghost of St. Lawrence Basilica…

… For my birthday I met some friends in Asheville over the weekend. We went to have a few drinks and laugh at the painfully ironic hipsters and dirty hippies. We were well entertained. However, no trip to Asheville is complete without a stop at St. Lawrence Basilica, where I recently learned they have a haunted loo.

No seriously. They have these weird little bathrooms under the church offices and the ladies room has 2 toilets sitting side by side. When I was washing my hands, the one toilet flushed by itself and then the toilet paper roll begin to unravel itself unto the floor. I swear I didn’t touch it. I also swear I hadn’t been drinking. Much. No one else seemed to think I had a legitimate paranormal experience. No one ever believes me. I wonder why that is. And how depressing would it be to spend eternity stuck in a tiny bathroom watching people do their most intimate business with nothing but a roll of toilet paper to keep you entertained.

I’d want to haunt a chocolate factory or something. Or maybe a bar. Or the barracks of the Swiss Guard. What? I haven’t been drinking again. Much.

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  • June

    Just dropped by The Black Cordelias and given a reminder, at the start, that you were having (had) a birthday…so, on good advice…Happy Birthday…and many more…jt

  • Kimberly_whelan

    I believe you.  :)  And I agree with you… Barracks of the Swiss Guard would be much better.  

  • Stephanie

    I was one of the people with Kat. She had ONE BEEF.

    Week, at least one BEFORE she met up with the ghostie.

    • tj.nelson

      Yeah but you had ghosts in your office.

    • Thefeds

      Maybe the cow was from Kobe, Japan! They massage their BEEF with BEER while it is still living… So the ghost was an alcoholic cow who smells strongly of beer and tastes reall, really good!

  • tj.nelson

    What’s wrong with hippies?  Anyway – this experience is so Harry Potter – wasn’t it Moaning Myrtle in the girl’s bathroom?  She was an alcoholic too.  


  • tj.nelson

    Oh – and happy birthday KittyKat!

  • Mikeinct

    We honeymooned not far from Asheville in Maggie Valley.  Awesome little parish there. 

    But on Sunday as we were getting ready to leave, oh how I wish we had gone to St. Lawrence Basilica. 

    Instead, we were only able to find St. Eugene’s parish

  • Christian LeBlanc

     “And how depressing would it be to spend eternity stuck in a tiny
    bathroom watching people do their most intimate business with nothing
    but a roll of toilet paper to keep you entertained.”

    I think Sartre’s covered this.

  • Contra Mundo

    I wouldn’t want to be a ghost haunting the ladies’ room stalls, but I wonder if there’s some kind of small motor you can install to spin the TP to freak out the occupant?

  • Jim Jytyas

    Because of the way you are phrasing it. The fact is it can only be one of four things a demon, a saint, a purgatorial soul, or something non-supernatural like bad wiring.

  • Marcosandolini333

    In Eternity, there is no space or time…

    A Madre that was in the USA to assist Priests in Exorcisms said if you see a ghost or something like you saw, and it did no evil, it is possibly a soul in need of prayer: see it’s manifestation requires you to pray for that soul.

    A Rosary is good.

    Please pray for Madres Rogelina, Angelica, and Francsca.

    Once you fight the Devil or assist others that do, you have an enemy for life.

    These Madres need your prayers.

    Sister Francesca was a novice at the Sacred Heart Convent in Mexico.

    She was ordered one day to take various things from a closet and have the Mother Superior give them to the people the Nun she met told her.

    As she was in a hurry, she could not do it herself.

    After she gave the items to the Mother Superior, she was told to pack her things and leave for America to assist Exorcist Priests.

    When she asked why, as she was just a novice, the Mother Superior replied

    “That Nun died several years ago, and we have been looking for those items. Since she chose you for her representative, I chose you as mine to work in the Exorcisms.”

    Have a nice flight to America.

    They worked ten years and returned to Mexico.

    We are all good friends, but rarely see each other, but we do include each other in our prayers of the Holy Rosary.


  • Bill Burns

    I was in Asheville for my brother’s wedding two months ago and have to agree that the restrooms there are a bit on the creepy side. The rest of the basillica is beautiful, though.