The most annoying show on television…

… I don’t know what it is about this show, but I can’t stop watching. I know it’s all fake and staged theatrics but there’s a little part of me that hopes, with every new episode, that the ghosts will just go ahead and kick Zak Bagans ass. Just once. Just to shut him up.

Zak Bagans; how can I aptly convey my loathing. Let’s see… combine everything in the world that annoys me and make it physically manifest into a person wearing an Affliction shirt with over-tweezed eyebrows and hair gel… and boom, you got Zak Bagans. I mean, any man that would willing do this to his eyebrows and hair. Gads!

Have I mentioned how much the European trend of men over-grooming their eyebrows unnerves me? It’s unnatural and freakish.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to have never seen the show and gone blissfully unaware that Zak Bagans exist, than congratulations. Allow me to ruin your life. Ghost Adventures is a show hosted on the Travel Channel. Zak and his crew travel to locations reported as haunted and spend the night “locked down” inside till dawn. Once inside they break out their fancy equipment that is supposed to pick up ghostly voices and images. But mostly they walk trying to provoke ghosts…

If you find yourself saying “Yeah, punch him! C’mon, just one punch!” then you are having a normal reaction to the clip.

Look, whether you believe in ghosts or not, we can probably agree that this isn’t the best or most respectful way to treat the dead. In fact, I think this kind of stuff is very dangerous, even if Zak knows he’s full of malarkey. You just don’t play with the paranormal, opening yourself up to demonic influences. He once even admitted to getting possessed and said the experience was “kinda cool”. If he believed the crap he was selling he would not have this blase reaction to possession. He would be very scared.

Anyway, kids… demons are real. So are spooks. Don’t willingly try to anger them and don’t play with the occult. If you think you’ve seen a ghost it could be a soul in purgatory or it could be a demon… either way, say a prayer while you’re quickly getting the hell outta there.

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  • Fr. Erik J. Richtsteig

    As long as there is “The View”, “Dancing with the Stars”, and “American Idol”, there will always be more annoying shows.

  • Kim Vandapool

    I’m sickened to admit this show’s a guilty pleasure. Cause he’s always saying “phenomenas”.

    • Ink

      Do-doo do-do-dooo…~

  • shanaofs

    My guilty supernatural-travel-show is Josh Gates in Destination Truth. His ‘team’ goes to weird locations to find Bigfoot or vampires or ghosts or whatnot.  I think it is a great deal of fun because the group of them seem to spend much of their travel time goofing off.  I admit I watch it more to see Josh eat disgusting local treats (like rotting fertilized eggs) and run off of cliffs chasing noises in the dark ‘chasing’ some oddball noise in the jungle, and making jokes about the crazy things being sold in outdoor markets.Occasionally, they do run into something out of the ordinary, but mostly it seems like an excuse to go rock repelling, spelunking and rafting in remote locations.

    • Lamenstein

      I LOVE Destination Truth because Josh really knows all of this is just stories passed down from generation to generation. He is a true travel entusiast and at least provides us with a bit of history of each place, and also some laughs.

  • Christine Hebert

    I couldn’t even watch the whole clip.  You are right that Zak needs a punch.  Garbage like that is one reason we got rid of cable.

  • pred8tor69

    When I saw the pic I thought it was Nathan Filion with gelled hair.

    • Joanne K McPortland

      Anybody who would do that to Nathan Fillion IS a demon. :)

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Blasphemy! You should be banned for that comment.

  • tj.nelson
  • Marcosandolini333

    … either way, say a prayer while you’re quickly getting the hell outta there…”

    Very good advice…for a woman to follow.

    Men don’t need another excuse to abdicate their responsibilities.

    If something paranormal manifests itself, we men are obligated to pray for that soul(s) or in the case of a demon, rebuke it in the Holy Name immediately, and get a Padre to come over and finish them off.

    Instead of a pair of tweezers and lipstick, men should always have Holy Water and a properly blessed crucifix handy for just such occasions.

    Whoever invented manties needs to be ridden around on a pole, tarred and feathered.

    Not challenging a demon gives him/them permission to come in and harm souls.

    And remember:

    The problem with the actual study of demons is that, for our intents,
    the information is full of theological errors. In other words, you will be up
    against heathen legend vs. Christian theology. It would be very difficult to
    sort it all out on your own. St. Albert the Great has some advice for you: “It is
    taught by the demons, it teaches about the demons, and it leads to the

    God our Lord in His infinite and supreme goodness be pleased to give us His
    abundant grace, that we may know His most holy will, and entirely fulfill it.

  •üller/576361320 Alipius Müller

    Yep! Wanna punch him!

  • Me

    So angry … tsk tsk. Go burn in hell. Haha. Zak is hot and awesome and so intense. If I die I will sooo haunt him ….

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Unceremoniously banned for being incurably ignorant.