In Your Face Tactics Are Counterproductive…

… Today is the big Chick-Fil-A Kiss-In that’s being staged by homosexual same-sex ‘marriage’ advocates in response to Wednesday’s wildly popluar nationwide day of support, Chick-Fil-A Appreciate Day.

Look, in your face public display’s of lewdness is exactly not how to make people accept your lifestyle. It’s pervy and gross. I can assure you the absolute last thing I want to see while I am eating a meal is two adults making out; gay or straight. It’s inappropriate behavior to display in public. It just is. Turning people’s stomachs while eating a meal is counterproductive to the gays’ cries of tolerance and acceptance. If anything, it only reinforces the idea that homosexuals are disordered… because ordered people have filters and can control their sexual impulses in public.

Forcing people to gaze upon your open mouthed kisses in the middle of a fast food restaurant is the number one way to win public approval, said no one ever. I just fail to see how this pathetic attempt does anything to reinforce the dignity of someone living with same-sex attractions.

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  • Cari Donaldson

    The sign that I saw advertising the kiss-in said that the protest was to start at 8p.m., which I found to be very decent.  I think the child-population at any fast food joint has died down by that time in the evening, so there’s less chance for kids to have to see grown ups of any sexual orientation making out in public (always a good thing).

    For my part, my normal reaction to seeing straight folks making out in public is a “get a room!” comment.  I wonder what the reaction of the gay activists would be if told the same thing today?  

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Ew. My reaction is the same regardless if the people doing the tonsil hockey are gay or straight – Get a room! And that type of public behavior is never “decent” whether at 8pm or 8am.  

  • robertgwirth

    I couldn’t agree more, Kat.  Thanks!
    Cari, if gay activists were told “get a room” they would retort “If you don’t like it don’t look!” which is what the pro-porn people said decades ago.  And the pro-aborts are now
    saying “If you’re against abortion don’t get one.”
    They don’t change.

  • Carson Lauffer

    The action makes me sick but apparently lewd public behavior has worked for their side.  Witness the grossly perverse Homosexualist parades followed by ever more public acceptance and tons of money going their way.

    • Jean

      Gross public displays don’t even work for the people they supposedly support. Years ago a friend of mine used to go to gay pride parades, but she started getting grossed out by the behavior and horrified that people would take their children to such things. (I can’t even tell you some of the sick behavior b/c you surely don’t want to know.) 

  • kenneth

    Public kissing is small potatoes. If I was running their guerilla theatre campaign, I’d arrange to have g-string clad Harvey Firestein perform a lap dance for a Dan Cathy impersonator, at the restaurant’s flagship location, all done to the tune of “sexy back.” Chicken would never taste right again for anyone present that day, or who saw the inevitable viral video of the show. Fortunately for all concerned, the gays are nicer people than I…..

  • Marcosandolini333

    Badass picture.

    I am going to steal it and FB it.

    Oil against fruit.

    Amazing  concept.


  • MaryRoseM

    I totally agree with you, Kat!
    I can’t stop laughing at your tonsil hockey comment!