It’s like giving yourself a lobotomy with a dull spoon…

… Exhibit A: the super groovy key note speaker at this week’s LCWR Assembly, Conscious Evolutionist Barbara Marx Hubbard.

What the what? I just… don’t… what did she say? I don’t understand the words coming out of her mouth. They defy logic.

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  • Fr Longenecker

    I think I have a new alter ego!!

  • Rosemary Amend

    “Lobotomy…dull spoon…” definitely. I feel that I should get a Purple Heart (or at least a certificate made with MACARONI LETTERS ON FELT)  for watching that clip all the way to the end. This is the sort of  “elevated” spouting-off I encountered in the Episcopal church while I was a member. I have met dear people in the throes of  a battle with Alzheimer’s or dementia who made a great deal more sense than this woman. She talks a great deal about “coherence”, but she herself is incoherent.  She sees herself as a pioneer, an “elder”, part of the “welcoming committee” for the poor schleps who will become as “enlightened” as she is. What an ego! Please “beam her up, Scotty!” And Father Longenecker, I can see your new alter ego now, visiting Lavinia in jolly old England.

  • Fuquay Steve

    This is a drinking game, isn’t it?

  • David Le

    I’m afraid that if we should say she is unintelligible, then they would respond that we are not as enlightened. Of course, if they say they don’t understand, say, the new Roman Missal translation, then they would hold that they’re expressing some kind of unspoken majority opinion of all Catholics…

    • doughboy

      what scares me is that from what i’ve read, if one is unenlightened or not prepared to jump into the next evolutionary level with them, then it is up to the more enlightened to basically get rid of those of us who are not.  i hope i got that right – i have trouble following these people.

  • Lee

    This is Teilhard de Chardin on steroids.   She mentions his name toward the end, you’ll notice.   

  • Sarabeth

    I am so, so, so, so, so glad that, God willing, I will outlive the hippie nuns.  Just sayin’, is all.


  • Fuquay Steve

    Why are my ears bleeding?

  • Felicity

    Wow!  There should be a prize for anyone who can listen to the whole thing.   I only made it halfway through… unfortunately, I don’t have a Conscious Evolutionist decoder ring!

    • Jo

      I couldn’t make it through the first minute.

      • Christine Hebert

         I got 3:50 into the 13 + minutes…so much waffle….

  • James H, London

    Mad as bat-guano. I got to the point where she said she was ‘thresholding’, then I had to stop, to prevent my brain liquifying (why the flagnard to people have to make verbs out of nouns, anyway?).

    Definitely too many ganja brownies. She should be shuffled off to a retirement home where she can waffle happily through the mossy glades of elevated consciousness without troubling anyone else.

    If this was the LCWR’s keynote speaker, they’re past redemption.

  • Christian LeBlanc

    The nuns are Catholic so relax, it’s all Christ-centered.

  • Jeannepergande

    It’s like the train left the station with nobody on board.

  • Harja

    I did listen to the whole thing.  She said nothing!  Lots of words strung together and some almost forming coherent ideas, but those amounted to sentence fragments.  I have heard a lot more sense and philosophy around a campfire after a few beers.

  • nbwooden

    I can’t believe the Church hasn’t excommunicated her yet. It would certainly give her time to go find her “inner child”. What RUBBISH!

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Just to be clear, the women in the video is NOT a nun. She is the key note speaker at LWCR.  She’s not even Catholic.

      • lethargic

        It sure makes clear why the Vatican thought an investigation might be warranted … !

  • Tom Kellett

    This sounds like the kind of nonsensical New Age babble that my crazy aunt spouts. And people wonder why the LCWR is under investigation for doctrinal issues…

  • Br. Christopher Start

    Is this a gnostic, solipsistic, pantheistic argument or is it just the “age of Aquarius” repackaged in pseudo-scientific jargon?  Whatever it is, I don’t think it has any connection to Christianity.  

  • sacredrocheter

    Wow-I just changed my opinion on mercy killing for the elderly. Has anyone seen my revolver?-Hope it hasn’t been eaten by multicelled bacteria.

    • doughboy

      not funny